Sunday, September 10, 2017

Oh Scrap! : Orange you Glad...

I love Orange!  It is such a happy color. Right now, I think I love it so much because it reminds me that Fall is almost here.

My favorite time of year!

Last week, I completed 4 more bowtie blocks in shades of orange.  I also decided to make a dozen 10" string blocks.  I cleaned out a lot of the orangey peach color and golden pumpkin strings from my scrap bin.  I still added in some bright oranges just to add some "spice".

I am not going to make a string quilt this month so I just added the blocks into my "string" project box.  I thought I would see what I had in there.  Turquoise and green 12", yellow 10", turquoise and lime 8" and purple and pink 6" blocks.  Just what am I suppose to do with all this!

Plus there are a number of odd shaped rectangles.
I decided just to put everything back in the box - I can figure that all out later!


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    1. Love those orange string blocks! It's easy to forget how many shades of orange there are.

    2. I don't see a down side to having a box of string blocks... 8)
      And hurray for those gorgeous oranges!

    3. Not a bad week with your ORANGE stitching for the RSC!! Such a lovely collection of String blocks you've got going. I'm sure you will figure out just what to do when the time is right. It/they will be WONDERFUL!!

    4. Those are some pretty orange blocks! I'm going to make a few bow ties today!

    5. I'm working on a predominantly orange quilt now too, so fun for fall!

    6. I love looking at the orange blocks, so cheerful!

    7. I love orange!!! In my wardrobe, in my sewing and knitting, just everywhere! Can't wait to see how you arrange the string blocks.

    8. Been working on an orange and black string quilt forever. I had a tiny roll of oranges to start with and decided to use black and white prints to make a larger quilt. Fall colors are my favorite, your orange blocks look wonderful.

    9. I really like orange and your strings look wonderful.

    10. Oh, those orange blocks are a delight for the eyes.

    11. I always look forward to seeing your scraps and what you do with them. Such inspiration!

    12. Wow those oranges look fabulous. I like to add oranges to my quilt. In fact, my pile of orange fabrics has dwindled so badly that it is the first thing on my shopping list for my trip to Lancaster soon. Do you do your string blocks on foundations? If so what type?


    13. Oh yes! I fell in love with orange a few years ago. Looks great.

    14. I just love the orange blocks. Makes me feel so happy.

    15. I LOVE your orange string blocks!

    16. Ohhhh, I am sure you'll think of SOMEthing to do with them!


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