Tuesday, March 19, 2019


I came across a kit a friend passed on to me this weekend.  It was for some cute, primitive looking 3D pumpkins.  I thought they might be fun to make and gift.....

….until I read through the instructions!

The fabric was quickly cut into 2.5" strips and chopped into appropriate lengths to make square in a square blocks for a quilt.  Looks like I started a new quilt project!

I am going to make two quilts for the Hands2Help quilt drive this year so this might be one of them.  We will see once it gets time to ship off the quilts - I have plenty to chose from around my house!

Confessions Of A Fabric Addict


  1. Great idea to re-purpose the fabric into a new quilt if you don't want to make the one from the kit. Looking forward to seeing those blocks show up on the blog.

  2. I won a kit once and kept the fabrics and pattern together for a year or so, then file 13'd the pattern and started using the fabrics when I needed a piece in just the right color/pattern! Way more fun!

  3. It's so neat we can use fabric differently than it was intended for!!

  4. Looking forward to seeing what you come up with. Thanks for taking part in Sarah's H2H. It helps so many people.

  5. Those look like fun fabrics to play with. Enjoy!


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