Friday, March 8, 2019

Cleaning out the UFOs

I feel like I am making great progress finishing up my list of UFOs.  Right now, I have them worked down to just 16!  That sounds like a lot but I will always be one of those quilters that always has a lot of projects on the go.  My goal is to get the list down to about 12.

I think I started the blocks for this quilt back in early 2017.  I had a bunch of vegetable fabric I had started making an apron out of in about 2014.  I failed miserably at the apron and stuffed the whole project deep into a cupboard.  I decided to play around with the fabric and turn it into an improv scrappy quilt.

All of the blocks have a fussy cut vegetable in the center and each scrap is completed in improv style using scraps.

It was fun playing with each individual block.  I tried my best to weave in more of the vegetable fabric to use it up.

My favorite block is probably the one with the fan-dancing carrot in it.

I used the background fabric as I constructed the blocks, which makes it look like fabrics are floating in the background.

On the back, I used a fun green print I had purchased at Connecting Threads.  I was hoping it was one of the ones on sale as I have used up everything I had.  
But it looks like they no longer have it in stock.

And I should note that the completion of this quilt was my February APQ UFO Challenge quilt.
I met my goal but I just didn't have any internet access to write about it.

That means I have already finished up two UFOs this year.  THAT makes me so very happy!

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  1. Fabulous! The look of the blocks floating is really cool.

  2. Great job on finishing a UFO and I love the improv blocks.

  3. Congrats on the finish! The blocks are fun to look at and discover all the different fabrics. Great design!

  4. That's so fun! I love the turquoise background with pops of orange all through. And the backing is great - I can see why you would want more!

  5. That is a very fun quilt! I have a ton of veggie and fruit prints and this makes me want to use them up! But I can’t let the squirrels get me until I finish our grandaughter’s graduation quilt. It’s a string spiderweb but it’s going slowly!

  6. What a fun finish. Good luck with your UFO challenge.

  7. I never fail to get great ideas from your posts! I love the way you used background fabric within the blocks to add cohesion and floatiness. And the hot red, orange, yellow of the veggies against the cool aqua is so dynamic. You rock at this scrappy improv thing! :)

  8. LOVE how you made bits and pieces "float" in the background. Way to knock another UFO off the list!

  9. Here's to finishing off another UFO! It always makes me feel very virtuous. I love the background fabric here, and I love how the blocks float. Great finish!

  10. All quilters work in different ways! What might work for one person may not work for others. I love your honesty with all your projects. You thrive on WIPS and scraps and that's awesome!

  11. I love how you floated the fabrics here and there. It's a very effective technique. I also relate to having lots of UFOs as I can't imagine ever having every single project finished.

  12. This came out great! Your use of the background fabric in the blocks certainly makes the quilt.
    Liz in Houston

  13. This is so gorgeous. Love the colourway and the improv method you have used. Going to be brave one day soon and try that.


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