Friday, June 28, 2019

Something a little Different

I have something a little bit different to share as my finish for the week.

My long time friend Sheila Sinclair Snyder (License to Quilt) teaches how to paint a Barn Quilt.  I was able to take one of her awesome classes and here is the block I painted.

It was a really fun class.  She has all of the supplies and has everything prepared and ready - all you have to do is show up, choose your block and your colors and start painting!

I took the class with a good friend.  I really liked her block too.

I had a few options on where to hang it.  I could put it on my house where my clients park, or the gate as you enter my back yard. 

 But I decided to put it on the fence in my gardens so I could enjoy it more.

Sheila is a great instructor and I highly recommend the class.  If you belong to a guild, she can come do a workshop or you can contact her to find out where she is teaching next.  

Now I can get back to my fabrics!

Speaking of fabric - I thought I would remind you that Connecting Threads has a coupon code that will take off 20% off all of their clearance fabrics.  This is a final call because the sale ends Saturday!

Take 20 promo

Just apply the coupon code TAKE20  when you check out.  I already have a big box on its way to me!


  1. Nice to take a fabric break once in awhile. Looks perfect in your garden!

  2. it looks neat - it is always fun to try something besides quilting I think

  3. I love that! Sounds like a fun class to take. I agree - in your garden area where you can see it everyday is the place for it!

  4. Looks wonderful! What a great idea!

  5. It came out beautifully! A few years ago, my daughter and I made one for my barn shaped shed. I love it! And you will, too; every time you go out to your garden, it will make you smile!

  6. That would be such a fun class to take! I love your block and colors you picked. And it looks gorgeous on your fence!

  7. Love your barn quilt block!!! I've been wanting to make a barn quilt for our storage shed. I love that you decided to put it where you'd see it most often!

  8. I like how your flower garden is coming along. I made a sample stitch and flip flower as part of a QAYG talk I did for my guild and know they take time. Have often thought about doing one on a big scale but just haven't worked it into my quilt queue yet. Your log cabin blocks and subtle color changes look great too. Enjoy the process and slow progress. It will get here and be lovely.

  9. LOVE LOVE your barn quilts, Cynthia!

  10. Looks beautiful hanging on your fence, perfect background colour for your Barn Quilt.

  11. Its perfect!!! I put mine where I could see it too!


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