Sunday, November 8, 2020

Oh Scrap! : I Couldn't Resist

 Last month, I shared my newest Rainbow Scrap Challenge block.  These are the first test blocks I have made using this design and I will work on this quilt in 2021. 

The blocks are one of the block options contained in my Well Suited pattern.

When I shared the photo, Diann (of Little Penguin Quilts) asked me if I was going to make any of these geese blocks to create the "woven" quilt design.  (You can see her version of this block here.)  
I told her "sorry but no".

Well, skip ahead two weeks and as I was staring at a VERY full blue scrap bin, I decided to start another quilt and make a blue quilt from the blocks I just told Diann I wasn't going to make....

I have no will power!

But these two blocks are a great way to share how my Scrap Mixology patterns show how simple changes to fabric placement can create very different looking quilts.

I already have all the blue and white scraps cut and I just need to sew all of the blocks together.  That makes FOUR scrap quilts that I am actively sewing right now.  I just chain piece away at whatever bits are in front of me until I have a pile behind my machine - then I head to the ironing board.

It will be interesting to see which quilt top will get finished first!


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  1. I love that design with the dark and light blues! I'm glad you couldn't resist! I haven't worked on my version in awhile - planning to get back to it after my cheddar and blue project is finished. Have a great Sunday, Cyndy!

  2. I absolutely LOVE the versatility of your Scrap Mixology patterns, Cynthia! I'll be looking forward to seeing the progression of the new blue quilt.

  3. Oh so pretty! I really love this block!

  4. Loving the light/dark play in your blue blocks... a quilt in the making?

  5. There is something so pleasing to the eye with the blue and white together. I love the woven effect this will make. Your flying geese are impeccable.

  6. Nifty blocks and boy the color placement makes a lot of difference.

  7. Those are fun blocks. They should make a really nice quilt design

  8. I am loving these new blocks!


  9. Oh, fabulous! I'll bet a different design emerges if the blue and white corners are reversed. Thanks for the link to Diann's blocks, too. Somehow I missed that post.

  10. I keep looking at your Mixology modules and thinking "oh my word, she might as well have named them "The Big Box of Squirrels"... So much inspiration!

  11. Many of us have little will power when it comes to not starting a project that hooks us.

    I love your rainbow scrap blocks in both options.


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