Wednesday, March 31, 2021

Backing Fabrics

 It is always fun to receive some happy mail!

Recently I took advantage of a sale at Connecting Threads and purchased a whole bunch of 2.5 yard cuts of 108" backing fabrics.  I bought both a light denim and dark denim chambray.  Not only can I use these as backings, but they would also make a nice background fabric.

They also added these Hand Drawn Lines pieces to their inventory again.  I have purchased them in the past and they are a favorite.

I also bought pieces of  Word Play and Multi Dot - these will work with just about any scrap quilt. I like 2.5" yard cuts because they can be used for a larger bed quilt or I can sometimes get two lap quilts out of each cut with some creative piecing.

I like to have a stash of backings so that when I am finished with a quilt top, I can shop right at my house.  I just don't have the patience to shop for backings at the end of the process - I want to be able to get right to the quilting.  Plus this way, I can take advantage of sales when I see them!

Now I just need to get some projects finished!


  1. That's one of my shortcomings. I don't always have fabrics on hand that I want to use as backings, and certainly not many wide backings so piecing isn't required.

  2. It helps so much to have enough fabric on hand for quick backings. I just ordered some backing fabric to have in my stash as well. Great selections; the chambray in particular is speaking to me!

  3. I think I'll adopt your backing size. I often buy 2 yds of wide backing and then can only do smaller quilts than lap size. It's a mixed bag of luck getting two backs out of 2 yards. But I will use the leftover fabric in blocks too.

  4. Such wisdom! I've got two projects nearing the quilting stage and no idea what I'll use for backing! I'm going to keep a look out for sale fabrics and build up a stock of backing fabric :-)

  5. Lovely selections, Cynthia! Guess what? I almost bought that same text print when I was at Pineapple Fabrics last week.


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