Thursday, November 1, 2012

Bits and Pieces

Just like most quilters, I always end up with odds and ends of fabric in my stash.  These consist of tiny bits left over from previous projects and other stray pieces that never seem to find a home.  On a regular basis, I try and pull some of these fabrics and make something only using what I have and not purchasing too much to complete an entire quilt.  


For October, I decided to address the odd bits of fabric I had that were bright colors on a black background.  Many of these fabrics I have had for years and it was time they went.  I chose to also take this opportunity to clean out my solids and move out some of the smaller pieces.



 For the block, I decided to pair up alike solids and sew a simple square in a square (in a square) block. 

 You know, for someone who doesn't like pink, I always seem to have alot of it.


 The amount of fabric on hand dictated how many blocks of each color I could make.  As I ran out of a solid, I mixed up the combinations to get enough blocks for a twin size quilt.

I needed a few little blocks as fillers for the design I had in mind and...

 I really like how the top turned out.  I designed it so there was virtually no matching of seams, so it went together very quickly and easily.  Now I just have to piece the back - which may turn out to be an engineering marvel as I am really short on fabric so it will need to be highly planned and pieced.  
Then onto the quilting....

Stay tuned for pictures of the finished project.


  1. I'm always amazed how you turn bits and pieces into beautiful quilts. Wanda

  2. Love the colors! I have the scraps but not the vision yet for making them into something. Julie

  3. Cyndy, I love how this scrap turned out! Very pretty!


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