Tuesday, November 6, 2012


Early last spring I started toying with the idea of leading a sewing group.  I wanted to create an opportunity for members to learn new piecing techniques, try out various aspects of quilting (like applique, paper-piecing, etc.) and challenge themselves with occasionally working outside their box.  I wanted a venue where creativity could occur without creating a situation where a bunch of UFOs were started to clutter everyone's sewing rooms.  The idea of giving was important to me so Project:Quilt was founded.

There are 12 women who meet once a month at Our Sewing Room.  Each month, a member of the group agrees to sponsor the project.  This sponsor then gets to choose the activity, they choose the organization that receives the finished project, they are responsible for getting the project to a finished form and they get to choose how much control they have in the materials that get used for their project.  After a few initial projects that focused on some basic sewing, cutting and pressing skills, we were ready to spread our wings...

So far the quilts have been amazing!  Here are just a few...

This wall hanging was made for Reaching Out Mentoring Program.  The sponsor supplied the black fabric to unify the quilt and everyone else provided the solid colors for their block.  I love the personality each word projects.  It is hanging in their Mentor Center at Lincoln Middle School for both the students and the mentors to enjoy.

This fun lap quilt was made for a fundraiser supporting the Lane County Sheriff's Office K9 Unit.  The sponsor supplied the unifying navy blue fabric and everyone else brought dog themed fabrics for their blocks.  We used Kate Conklin's fussy frames tutorial (found here) as a guide to make the blocks (we did make a slight change to her pattern to make the blocks square).

The fundraising event has not been scheduled yet so this quilt could still be yours...

In this activity, we learned how to make 3D geese and pinwheels.  As the sponsor was donating this to a fundraising auction for Eugene Vocal Arts Ensemble, she donated her vast collection of music themed fabrics.  Rather than a large quilt, a striking bed runner was made.

You can follow all of our projects on our Flickr site - just follow the widget on the right.  Each monthly activity is organized and captured through its completion.

If you are interested in starting a group of your own, feel free to contact me.  I am more then happy to assist you with the details.

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Vivian said...

Thanks for the archive link-up. what a great idea and focus for a sewing group! I've wanted to start a group too and this may be a good way to do it.

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