Wednesday, December 19, 2012


Every year I try and take note of all the projects I have started and make a resolution to focus on finishing them.  So today I took the day off and organized the quilting studio, fabric closet and sewing room.  I spent hours going through bags, projects boxes and various piles of fabric and tallied up where I am.

Eighteen!  I currently have 18 projects in process - there are 6 just up on my designs walls.  And this isn't the whole picture.  I also have 8 more that are ready for that first cut and another 10 that just need to be quilted.  I knew things had gotten out of hand but this is crazy!

So I have told myself that I REALLY have to focus on some finishes.  I have scheduled time to quilt some of my own tops over the holidays and I identified those that I can easily finish with just a little focus.

Rather than move this little table runner around my sewing room, I sat down and sewed the final outside border, prepared the binding and sewed the backing.  In a matter of minutes, I moved it from the "WIP" to the "Needs Quilting" pile.

This quilt top just needs the outside border cut and sewn.  I already have the binding and the back prepared....Why is it borders always seem to hold up a project?

I will complete on my next sew day with friends scheduled later this week!

And this one is taking up space on the design wall.  All the blocks are sewn and laid out.  It just needs to be pieced together.  I vow to work on it and finish it over the holidays.

Sadly, the rest on my list are a little more involved.  Many have been stashed away because of fabric shortages, fit issues, and dislike.  I have others that need some redesigning and others that are just plain time consuming.  But my intentions are good and my determination to whittle these numbers down is strong.  I'm hoping you'll see a number of finishes soon.

...for those who know me, I'm sure you noticed I didn't promise not to start anything else.  Even as I was breaking down the projects I have chosen not to finish, I found myself pairing up fabric for new projects.  I just can't help myself!
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Pamela said...

I call it Quilters ADD - we just want to do everything at once and can't seem to focus on finishing up! I have way to many partially done projects as well that need to be worked on!

Lynette said...

lol!! You are not crazy, not alone in a large pile of UFOs, and certainly nowhere near the worst. ;D You should see my lists on my Horizons tab. And I'm not the worst! *That's* wild to think about. I'm enjoying the process of turning my UFOs into WIPs, bringing untouched kits into the mix, and getting a steady stream of finishes.

You have some pretty projects here. :D

Jerimi said...

CUTE table runner, and I love the colors in your quilt top. I know what you mean about drowning in UFOs! I might have to join you in your goal to complete them.

Unknown said...


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