Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Bucket List Quilt - Park Bench Progress

Having been chased indoors by ridiculously high grass pollen, I find myself quite busy in my sewing room lately.  And with so many projects in the works, I have not felt the need to start anything new but rather, I have been working on existing projects and getting them closer to a finish.

More progress has been made on my Park Bench quilt.  The blocks above are the Hopscotch blocks.  This block really took some precision to get it to fit together.  Even though I was extremely careful, they are not quite as flat as I would have liked them.  All of the fullness will quilt out but my pride was a bit bruised that they weren't perfect.

I now have 6 blocks finished.  There are a total of 15 in the quilt so I am coming up on halfway.
Aren't they pretty!

The next blocks I am going to tackle are the Sing-along blocks.  Here is my fabric pull - you can see there will be a number of different fabrics used in each one.

I am really enjoying these blocks.  They are the perfect amount of challenge without being so difficult that I get frustrated and loose interest.  
It also helps that I am taking it slow by only doing a couple blocks a month.

What are you working on?

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Lara B. said...

Oh my goodness Cyndy! Those are gasp worthy blocks for sure!
They look perfect enough to me and I bet you won't feel worried about them after you get them quilted.

Lynda said...

I am working on Julie's gravity - unlike you I am trying to make it in a week - I cut out all the colored blocks one day, sewed the first ten (there are 18 total) then yesterday only sewed together 4 so today will finish off the last 4, then start cutting the black and grey - I am taking my time, being precise, and ironing all myh seams open (something I never do) and am loving the way they are going together. A great pattern to work with.I like the fabric choices you are making for your blocks

gayle said...

It's fun watching your slow and steady progress on this quilt! I like to think that you're sneaking up on it... 8)

Pieces of Cotton said...

I love the soft palate of your park bench quilt - so beautiful. I've eyed that pattern for a while now, but haven't bitten the bullet.

Linda said...

I do love your colors in the Park Bench quilt.
This morning I am carefully planning my purchases on an Etsy gift card - I've decided to make myself a quilt using Art Gallery Utopia fabrics! Once I hit the purchase button I'll finish my block and post on the Oh Scrap linky party. :)

Sewmotion said...

What lovely blocks, and so precise! I love your colour choices too, those blues and greys and perfect! Keep up the good work, at least hayfever is good for something :)

Susan said...

Yours are looking great - I like that your values are very close, so they work together nicely, at least for me!

Gina said...

Those blocks are amazing. It's going to be a great quilt

Ruth said...

That looks lovely - really sparkles like jewels!

Barb N said...

What are Sing Along Blocks? Looks like they will be pretty. The heat is starting to seep into our neck of the woods, and allergies are rampant here, too. I did get a bee block done yesterday and need to finish up another tomorrow. It's fun to take a project s-l-o-w-l-y and not get frustrated with it. Yours will be lovely!

Val's Creative Life said...

I like how "soft" this quilt is coming together. DOes that make sense?? LOL

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