Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Stash

It has been a long time since I have shared some of my fabric acquisitions. Rest assured I have still been picking up some new fabrics for future projects.  I just have not allowed myself to start too many new things.  There are just too many other WIPs around my sewingroom that need my attention right now.

I did purchase a fat quarter bundle of Melody Miller's Playful and a great Cotton + Steel blue backing.  I don't have a plan for this one yet but I adore this fabric so whatever gets made will be for me!

A recent trip to my favorite local quilt store (Quiltwork Patches in Corvallis Oregon) had me buying up some backing pieces for my stash.  I like to buy 4 or 5 yard pieces when I see a great deal.  And around $5 a yard is a great price!  I do have projects in mind for two of these - the rest I know will eventually find a home. 

Yesterday I received some happy mail from the Fat Quarter Shop.  I took advantage of their basic of the month sale and picked up these 4 yard pieces of Basic Grey's Grunge fabric.  I enjoy having lots of different background fabrics in my stash - and when I can get them on sale, I enjoy it that much more!

I also added these fun polka dot fabrics in to the mix.  I won them from Diann over at Little Penguin Quilts.  I have a few ideas on how to use them swirling around in my head but I haven't made a final decision yet. 

Diann also tucked in this adorable little pincushion made from some Gleeful scraps.  I absolutely love it!  In fact, I now have it in my livingroom so I can use it for pins/needles rather than my sofa back like I have done in the past.  Thanks Diann!

I think there have been a few other pieces that have found their way to my house.  I will try and be a little better at sharing what I am buying.  I know I always like to see what fabrics people buy and in what quantity.  I will be linking up with Molli Sparkles.  
It will be fun to what fabrics other quilters are adding to their stash.


Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

I need to keep yardage for backing in mind more often when I see sales - that is a great idea and I know you'll be using them up in no time! :)

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Love that polka dot fabric in your second photo! I, also, wish I had more yardages for backings in my stash. Such a good idea!

Linda said...

Lol on using the pincushion instead of your sofa! I miss the LQS I frequented in the last town where we lived - I used to stock up on the same type of $5/yard backing fabrics. I love Grunge - great score! I just got a load of Utopia and am going to try to find time to blog about it.

Leslie Schmidt said...

I love that C&S blue fabric. My brother lives in Corvallis. I should send him over there to see what goodies he could find for me! Of course, the postage to Minnesota would probably eat up all the savings.

Sandra Walker said...

When I was in the guild in Alberta, I was known for "interesting backs" but it was because even way back then, I'd snag yardage on sale for backings. I always scope out the sale section in any quilt shop for that very reason; of course I try not to just zoom immediately there, have to peruse the regular merchandise and offerings first, right? (and usually find stuff there too...) Behold a rather large stash! That Grunge background fabric is delicious--does the white have a mottled look to it too? I am missing being in Florida (my bank book isn't though) to take advantage of the great deals at FQS...and Craftsy...sniff. Diann's pincushion is adorable; yay for your winnings!

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