Sunday, September 24, 2017

Oh Scrap! : Slow Work

There has not been a lot of activity in my sewing room lately.  I am determined to only work on projects on my UFO list, so my obstinate self, just doesn't go in there and sew!

The only scrap sewing this week is two more bowtie blocks.  That is it!
I sewed this as a leader/ender project while I was working on blocks for my sister's quilt.

My sister had asked for a quilt a couple years ago for their trailer.  I love my sister dearly but when I asked her for some color suggestions - she said shades of brown.  And...?  Maybe a bit of gray.

Now you know why it has taken me two years to get this one going.  And why I haven't been sewing much this week!

I did get 80 - 90 big HSTs sewn just waiting to be chopped and sewn into these blocks.  They do go pretty quickly so I think once I get in the mood, I will make great progress on it.
Fingers Crossed!


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    1. It's hard to work on a project for someone else when you really dislike the colors. I'm sure you will find a way to power through and make it beautiful!

    2. That is so funny...brown! I can see why it has taken you two years! It took me a moment to figure out why you were making HST's for this. I totally forgot thats the way these blocks are made! Keep going and put on some rose colored glasses! That may help!! You are doing it for your sister too...

    3. Thanks for the smile! I totally understand the avoidance of the sewing room because the project is not going well, or is just too boring!

    4. Remember, Cynthia... BROWN is a color, too!! Personally, I think it's going to make a wonderful cozy, home-y quilt. (It's better than when my niece asked for a neutral baby quilt!!!)

    5. I would have a hard time with that, too! You just have to persevere! :)

    6. Working with colors you don't like is hard. Good luck with your Sister's quilt.

    7. Pretty fabrics in those humble bow-tie blocks!

    8. I get the same way about having a project to do which I don't want to do. I'll find many reasons not to go in the sewing room if I try to make myself work on it before anything else. Sometimes I finally give up and get the thing done but other times I just give myself the permission to stow that project away for a bit longer.

      Those browns you are working on look fine but I can see why it's taking you a long time. Why don't you sneak in some teal or gold in amongst those browns to jazz things up a bit. Your sister wouldn't mind, would she?

    9. Which tutorial are you using? Missouri Star or Quiltville's? I think those browns are going to make warm and inviting mountains.

    10. I can see why you are making slow progress on your sister's quilt! Brown with a little grey? I would find it very difficult to use those colours too.

    11. Oh yea, I understand the reluctance. Brown, all by itself just doesn't strike me as a fun quilt to work on. But seeing those delectable mountains reminds me that I have blocks left over and they would make a great little baby quilt and I could mark something else off of my UFO list. Good luck working your way through your UFO list!

    12. I've made a "brown" quilt. I discovered that rust really brightens things up a little. Also browns that lend to yellow or blue. Brown is really made up of many other shades and you can lean toward some of them to change the way the brown looks. Lavendar leans into brown. Think of mountains in the sunset. Some look lavendar, some gray, some into greenish. Your grays play different shades also. Have fun with it. You can do it!

    13. Love your neutral/brown quilt. It will be lovely when it's done!

    14. It's tough working with a palette that you wouldn't necessarily pick yourself, but I have to say that you are off to a great start.

    15. I have done the same thing: given myself a challenge then procrastinate all sewing because I didn't want to do it. Best of luck!

    16. I also struggle with working on projects for others that are not to my liking. Lucky you the majestic mountain block is a quick one.


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