Friday, July 27, 2018

Happy Pinwheels

I have been working on this little finish for about a month now.  It started out as a bag of bonus triangles from a friend.  I don't usually mess with cuttings this small but when they are all together in a bag, they are a bit hard to resist.

Once I looked at what was in the bag, I saw there were multiples of the same prints and I could easily turn them into some pinwheel blocks. Little 4" pinwheels are so darn cute!

Once I had all the pinwheels made, I knew there were not enough to make a very big quilt so I pulled some orange and turquoise solid chunks from my scraps and framed them up to bring the block size to 6".

You can see I used the different colors to create a pattern to the squares.  I also used the mismatched HSTs and made five miscellaneous blocks.  I put one in the center and one on each corner.  A couple of borders and Ta-Da....a cute little scrappy baby quilt.

And all I had left over was a green pinwheel and a couple of triangles.  Otherwise, I used every last bit in that bag!

I only had a yard of this orange oval fabric so I added in a little inset so it would pin to my quilt frame.  I quilted it with some quick swirls.

So another finish from the stash and the scrap bin.  I have been enjoying making these little quilts.  They go together so quickly!

Quilt Backing
Also, I just placed an order with Connecting Threads because they have all of their wide backings on sale.  I love to have backing pieces on hand in my stash.  (Connecting Threads is where I bought the oval fabrics on this little quilt.)  And getting them at a great price really makes me happy!

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  1. I'm sure enjoying all the quilts you're making out of those donated scraps lately! You have such an eye for putting them together in fun ways. The way you organized these little blocks with their frame colors is just great! Love this one!

  2. Such sweet scrappy quilts! I have been making some tiny quarter-squares and I think I'll steal your frame idea. Thanks for the inspiration! I'm doing my best to ignore your last comment about the sale ...

  3. Sweet! Looks like you are having fun finding ways to use up scraps. It's so wonderful you can make something useful from little or nothing. Way to go!!

  4. The orange and turquoise certainly makes those pinwheels pop.

  5. The turquoise fabric was the perfect complement for those quilt blocks. Very nice!

  6. The humble pinwheel is such a great block. Four HSTs and boom! Instant movement. I love how the extra blocks in the corners are oriented to make the overall quilt look like it has rounded corners. Very nice symmetry, and all from donated scraps. Great job!

  7. Very bright and fun! It's always fun to see how you but together your scrappy projects.

  8. Gosh that turned out so great!!! Very creative!

  9. Another lovely Scrap Bag Baby Quilt!!! Such a wonderful job with odd bits. You are truly an inspiration to the scrap lover in all of us!!

  10. Thanks for posting that quilt. It gave me an idea to use my HSTs. I have quite a few!

  11. Super cute! Smaller projects can be so rewarding.


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