Sunday, May 19, 2019

Oh Scrap! : Getting Sidetracked

I have been looking at these blocks for a bit now.  I love these three colors all together and have been thinking I might need to just make a quilt like this.  I thought maybe I could add a bit of interest by adding in a few blocks with all three colors.

So I made a couple blocks creating a square in a square.

Here is how they look mixed in.  I am not sure it looks quite right.

I pulled them out and took another photo.  Hmm….. 

I guess the good news is I probably won't be moving forward on this now.  Maybe I will wait for the next color and see if I want to go back to my original idea.

But it is still pretty to look at for now!


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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I always enjoy seeing what you're trying with your scraps, and then your "Hmmm, maybe this isn't what I want to do." So interesting to watch as you design! Have a great Sunday!

Jayne said...

Sometimes you have to put something aside and let it stew in your brain for a while! You'll make the right decision in the end!

Wendy F said...

I always enjoy seeing your colors on your design wall, thanks for sharing!

Barb Neiwert said...

I think you should make two quilts! One with your original blocks, and on with the mixed up colors. But whatever you decide, all those varied colors and prints will play well together!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

Your blocks have such an interesting palette within each one. I would love to see them in person.

The Joyful Quilter said...

I actually like the way the 3-color blocks change up the design. They add a POP of color in an unexpected way! (As always,) I'll be looking forward to seeing what you decide to do.

Turid said...

I love your scrappy blocks. Maybe you should try to make some blocks with just two colours, "washing" out the differences between the blocks. I mean like a rainbow quilt, if you understand. On the other hand, with those beautiful colours and fabrics it will be beautiful whatever you do. Good luck.

Karin said...

I love the look of those blocks!

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

I like the blocks but they look like a bulls eye with the bright color in the center while the others are more blended. Don't have any solution but maybe a second quilt. I think the act of trying out an idea and seeing if it works is the most important part of the design process. It opens up the opportunities for great things to happen!!

Nann said...

Perhaps you could arrange the blocks in spectrum order -- though there will be some spaces until all the monthly colors are revealed. I like the way the variety of prints show subtlely in the one-color blocks. (Does that make sense?)

Louise said...

I think it's a really great sign when you love your blocks so much this early in the year. You're sure to be happy with how they end up :)

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