Tuesday, August 27, 2019

A Quilt Update

I thought I would update you on my progress to finishing the top for my RSC Garden Quilt.  Even though I have been working on some Orphan Block quilts, I am still sewing up blocks and components for many other quilts.

That is always how I sew!

I think the last two blocks I showed you were these pink ones.  I decided I just did NOT like that bottom flower block in my quilt so I modified it some and made another one...

This block is so much better!

I pulled out my brown scraps and made a few more blocks.  I think that small snail block took me as long to make as half my blocks combined!

I didn't have snails when I lived in Washington - we had the giant banana slugs.  So when I moved to Oregon, I thought the snails were cute.  Let's just say I don't think that any more!

I guess I am about halfway done with sewing all my blocks together.  The bottom half will be a bit slower going because I still have a few more blocks to make.

My goal is to have this one finished in September.

Linking Up:

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Connecting Threads also has quilt kits.  I have never purchased one but I have clients who do.  In fact I just finished this lovely quilt.

The purple fabrics are simply yummy!


  1. I love your garden, but why did you have to add the snails which I fought in California, then moved to Seattle and found the slugs yuck! That’s one good thing about Wisconsin winters.

  2. I've been enjoying following your progress on this one. Such a fun project. Like you, I prefer to work on several projects at once.

  3. I love your garden too!!!
    Where did you get the patterns? Or did you come up with them yourself?

  4. Nothing wrong with a fabric snail! They don't eat much at all :)

  5. I loved the first line of your post - that describes my sewing habits exactly! "What do I feel like working on today?!" I always enjoy getting a peek at your garden quilt project - it's full of fun blocks. The snail is great! I am still trying to use up scraps of that pink stripe (in your rejected flower block), too. We may never be done with it! :)

  6. All of your garden blocks look adorable! I especially love that pear.

  7. Love your garden quilt!! and ya - Snails are scary ( and gross) but they are so cute in a quilt!!!

  8. Your quilt is so amazing. It was fun designing this pattern. I enjoyed your post. Loved it!

  9. The flower block in your second photo is a beauty, love the shade of pink. Hmm - snails!!! They are not my favourite garden inhabitants doing such a lot of damage to my plants. Your garden quilt is growing quickly, a very effective bird house block and the cute little birdie sitting on the ledge.

  10. Your garden is getting bigger, Cynthia. Way to grow a quilt!!

  11. Your Garden Quilt is so pretty. Great imagination!


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