Sunday, December 8, 2019

Oh Scrap! : Lots of Distractions

I have been finding myself a little lost lately without any specific scrap projects to work on.  So every time I get a few minutes in my sewing room (that I am not sewing holiday gifts), I find myself hopping from bin to bin and creating a mess.

I did start a project I have had in my head for a bit.  After I made my Improv Garden, I kept thinking it might be fun to use the same technique to create lights in a midnight sky - they could be thought of as stars or lighting bugs.  I finished one 12" block - next I think I will make some smaller blocks and see where my scraps lead me.

The other mess I have is my orphan block suitcase.  There is no way to get it closed anymore so I need to think about making even more quits from all these odd blocks.
(I recently made 5 small quilts.  You would think that would have made a dent.)

Are you curious to see some of the silly things I keep?

Here are a bunch of odd shaped large blocks that are all kind of in the same color scheme.  I am sure there are a bunch of little bits in the suitcase that could go into a quilt with these blocks.  There is definitely some possibilities here.

I have quite the collection of items with Kafffe Fassett fabric in them.  I also have a big scrap bin full of his fabric so the potential for a quilt is here too!

And here is where it gets really crazy - what a hodge podge of bits!  When I was pulling items, I just went with anything that had bright colors and anything with black/white.

I just threw the bits up on the wall - but I kind of want to just sew it up like this!
I am intrigued by the color placement.

And I also ask myself - Is it really necessary to save all this!

Now it is time to link up and share what scrappy projects you have worked on this week.  Here are the details for linking up:
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The Joyful Quilter said...

TOTALLY necessary!!! Just LOOK at the wonderful bits that another quilter might have thrown away. Instead of a pile of trash, you will have fascinating FREE quilts!!!

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

It's so fun to see all those little bits and pieces up on your design wall! I'm sure if you leave them there for awhile, an idea will come to you. I really like that first block at the very top, too - do you make those like a log cabin, but starting with a 5 sided shape instead of a square? I haven't tried that kind of block yet, but now you've got me thinking!

Vicki in MN said...

Heck yes you can't just throw those in the landfill! And we know you will knock another fun scrap quilt out of the park:)

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

you do have a lot going on don't you!

Chantal said...

Love your "lighting bug" block. Very curious to see what's next for this one. On the odd shaped design wall (3rd photo) on the left side there's a tree (or what I see as a tree). I really like that one and I, personally, would frame it and finish it as a wall hanging. I think it is very modern looking. Lovely! In the early childhood language, we call these orphan blocks "loose parts". (It's anything a child can use as his imagination desires. It never comes with instruction.) In my loose parts bag, I don't keep anything that has one seam ... sometimes even the two-seams units get undone and thrown back into the scraps. But that's just my way. It's funny that I say that here as I talk about it on my blog this weekend.
Anywho! I know that you're having fun looking at all your loose parts and your brain is full of ideas. Enjoy! ;^)

Jayne said...

So many bits and pieces! I'd find it very hard to toss any of these, but I'm also trying to be realistic these days. Meaning I'm being much more picky about what I keep and toss! But you on the other hand always come up with something amazing from your bag of tricks!!

Sylvia@Treadlestitches said...

I just love all your scraps and bits, especially the brightest ones. But you don't have to save them if you don't want to! We have a silent auction at our quilt group every year, where lots of us pass on our UFOs and scrappy bits etc. to other quilters who are thrilled to get them. If it's more like baggage and less like opportunity, let it go!

Turid said...

I love that first block, the yellow rose.

Pamela Arbour said...

Well, of course it is necessary to save all that! You can have fun and explore and it won't cost you a thing if you mess it up but I know you won't mess it up. Thanks for sharing your suitcase and design wall with us.

Nann said...

Oooh! A spare parts quilt is in the works! I look forward to seeing how it develops.

Quilter Kathy said...

I am doing the same thing... hopping from project to project, making a mess and feeling unfocused (except for Christmas gifts!)

Cool Lizzie said...

Wow, Cynthia - I love seeing all of these. I have several piles of misc blocks that I vow to work with "some day."
I'm really admiring that large rectangular abstract branch to the left of the big star block in the third photo. Wouldn't that be a fabulous focal point??!!! LOVE!!
So much fun to watch your process. Thanks again for sharing so much.

Louise said...

I think this is the most fun part...looking at the wild pile and taming it into quilts :)

Bonnie said...

Might as well use all those left over bits and paid the same price for that fabric as what you used it for originally. I think you have 3 very good starts on some great quilts. Please do sew up the last one as laid out (well as best you can.) I think it is really attractive.

Preeti said...

Oh my goodness, Cynthia!!! I have some of those same (or similar) silly things. It was pure joy to picture you hopping from bin to bin making a mess - all lovely though :-)

Debra Campbell said...

You could use up some making potholders, mugrugs, cloth bowls (especially the octagon shapes),pin cushions, etc. Then use the items for Christmas gifts.

Mystic Quilter said...

Amazing what you found in your orphan block suitcase, you have the makings of quite a few quilts!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

It's quite interesting to see all your bits up on the wall. I just shove them aside without thinking. Perhaps next year I should dig them out and see what I have. I don't think mine would be as cohesive as yours seem to be.

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