Sunday, July 26, 2020

Oh Scrap! : Selvage Progess

I found another scrappy project that needed some blue blocks made July.

I am still working on sewing up all of my saved selvages.  This last week, I worked on completing the teal/turquoise and blue strips.

I decided to put them all up on the wall.  I still have to trim them to length, finish the two purple strips and then add the background fabric.  I am so close to a finish on this one.

...and done with saving selvages in the future!

What scrappy goodness have you been working on!

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  1. I never have salvages to work with - it seems they are rarely on fat quarters and that is what I mainly have to work with as I rarely buy yardage. I need to start to check through the stash and see what I have. I like yours

  2. I've admired other people's selvage projects (like this one of yours!), but doubt I'll ever indulge myself. I generate enough detritus without trying to save selvages, too...

  3. I always think selvage quilts are like an I Spy for quilters! Are you planning a block of some kind that will go in between your selvage strips? Looking forward to seeing what you do with these! Have a great Sunday, Cyndy!

  4. It's looking SEW good, Cynthia! That baggie of strips up on the design wall? SEW funny (while brilliant at the same time!!)

  5. What a chore sewing all those together!! The good news is you are nearly finished! I've never saved many selvages. Just the cute ones!

  6. Love to see these selvage blocks all together. And your selvages are so organized; mine are a jumbled mess in a tub.

  7. Lovely selvages you've used.

  8. All those selvedges together are very impressive. I'm interested to see how you finish finish them as I have a bucketful! I see lots of lovely projects using them, but have yet to take the plunge myself!

  9. I am not tempted to save my selvages, but I’m fascinated by your collection. How do you sew them together? Do you topstitch them?

  10. Yep, labor or love. Or are you totally bored? Yea, I know you like using them but I had to pull your leg! They look awesome. I made a basket once with them. I really like the idea but I have a friend who likes to use them so I pass most of mine on to her. Have a great week.

  11. You are so very close! I liked how you hung the leftovers in a baggie at the bottom!

  12. Your comment about being done with selvages when you finish this project made me chuckle as that sentiment has been echoed by other quilters after they produce a selvage quilt.

  13. I've never saved selvages before but seeing your color strips makes me want to start. They look so fun.

  14. Your project looks so fun and colorful! I save my selvedges to crochet them into a fabric rug. Grace and Peace quilting inspired that idea. Thank you for sharing and for hosting!

  15. Wow! You must have a lot of selvages! It’s going to look incredible when they are all out together!


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