Tuesday, January 19, 2021

A Pattern for Murder - Lighthouse Block

 I mentioned in a previous post that one of the things I was doing in the new year was to participate in one of Annie's Mystery Stitch Alongs.  Earlier this month we received out first chapter and the pattern for the first block.

The first block is a big 24" lighthouse block.  Isn't it fun?

I am making my blocks all from scraps and prints out of my stash.  There is a materials list for the quilt but I am going rogue.

In fact, I even adjusted the block a bit.  There are videos to help you make the blocks.  Rather than follow the video, I decided to do hand turn applique for all the curves.

I really love how it turned out!

In the first chapter of the book, we started to meet a lot of the characters.  The main character is a young woman called Hannah.  I just had to include her in one of the windows of my tower.  You can also see there is a little dog called Gruffy and we find out there is rumored to be a ghost.

I am having a ball adding all of the story details to the block.  I am really enjoying the process!

There was a murder that occurred so we will be solving the mystery as we read and sew.

At the end of each chapter is a clue.  This month spoke of the dark waters at the base of the lighthouse....So I included those too.

Annie's has two Mystery Stitch Alongs going on right now if you are interested.  There are also lots of other fiction books that are available too.

The lighthouse reminds me of the lovely Heceta Head lighthouse that is only about 75 miles from my home on the Oregon Coast.  This lovely photo is by Dan Sherman Photography.

I am looking forward to reading more of the story and seeing what the next block will be.

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  1. What a cute block, I like all of your little details. Sounds like a fun mystery sew along!

  2. Love the block! It does look like one of my favorite lighthouses on the Oregon coast. fun fact, the assistant to the light keeper's house is a b&b and is rumored to be haunted.Nothing happened when I stayed there. It's light is the strongest farthest reaching lights on the west coast. I am enjoying your murder mystery vicariously. Thanks for sharing the fun!

  3. That is neat! I love how you added details from the story into your block. The Heceta Head light is the first Oregon lighthouse we ever saw - it was such a beautiful view in the fog! I'm trying some needleturn applique this week, too - I'm kind of a klutz at it, lol!

  4. This really does seem to be a fun project, I look forward to the various chapters showing up in your posts.

  5. What a fun project! Without even knowing the story, I love the touches you've added to yours. I love the clam shells as ocean waves!


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