Friday, January 29, 2021

Another Chaser Block Finish

 Today I thought I would share another finish from the third module of my Scrap Mixology pattern series.  This block design is called the Chaser Block.

This fun 100% scrap quilt is made with two colors of scraps with a bunch of low volume bits to create all that sashing.

You can see all the scrappy goodness a bit better in this photo.  I used red and blue in this quilt but you could certainly use any combination you wanted.

This version of the Chaser block uses all the same sized rectangles.  I used one of my AccuQuilt dies to chop up all of my scraps so the cutting sure went quickly.

Here is the original Chaser block design I shared.  This is essentially the same block design but the color placement and component sizes are different.  That is the great thing about the Scrap Mixology patterns - they show you how minor changes can make a big change to the look of your quilt.

All ready for a snuggle!

You can find my Scrap Mixology patterns in both my Payhip pattern shop and on Etsy.  This one is a 15 page pdf download that shares many block configurations and designs for layouts.

A big thanks to all of you have purchased these patterns.  It delights me to see so many of you that have purchased one design to come back and purchase the others.  I am hoping you are finding them inspiring to get out your scraps and sew!

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  1. Your Chaser Block Finish looks like woven ribbons! It is a striking pattern and so cool to have so many possible layouts! My friend Martha made a number of quilts like this although she called them pennies because she used the leftover sections of strips for coin quilts. She had a sense of humor!

  2. Oh wow, I love getting to see the two quilts together. Like you said, color placement and small changes add up to big impact differences!

  3. Wow! That sure is great impact and such a fun way to use up thos scraps.

  4. Both quilts are awesome!


  5. I especially like this version... looks great...xox

  6. LOVE the woven look of this latest quilt finish, Cynthia!!

  7. You keep providing such inspiration. I like both versions of this block.

  8. Oh, I love this one! It really is fun to see what a difference you can make in a quilt design with a change in color or the size of pieces. Beautiful, Cyndy!

  9. How cool to see so very different looking quilts - yet the same design! that is really neat how color effects the final outcome - beautiful quilt!

  10. I love how versatile your mixology modules are. And now I'm thinking how this would look with four flying geese...


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