Friday, January 1, 2021

It's 2021! Some Year-end Gifts

 Happy 2021!  Hopefully we all see nothing but improvements this year.

(I stayed up past midnight just to be sure 2020 left!)

Most of my items have been gifted so I can share some of the things I made.  I found a really easy travel Kleenex cover tutorial over at two brown birds.  I have been wanting to make some of these for quite some time.  They are super easy!

I made quite a few more but I always forget to take photos until I have things already wrapped up and in their shipping packages.  Every. Darn. Time.

I also made a few of these jar openers.  I had made myself one months ago and find they are really nice to have around.  They certainly give you a lot more grip and I had all of the supplies around my house.  I used the tutorial over at Happiest Camper.

Remember all these pixel blocks I was making from 1.5" squares?  Well I was making a pixel quilt for a friend's birthday.  She just bought a new house with a dedicated sewing room.  I thought she needed a wall-hanging.

She is an Anthropologist so skulls are a favorite of hers.  This wall-hanging is about 25" by 36" and I realized a big error as I was hand sewing on the binding.  The section across the eyes got flipped upside down  so now it looks like an alien with a hole between its eyes.  Most quilters would be upset by this discovery but I just laughed...somehow I think she will love it more!

I also made quite a few of the microwaveable bowls and some cloth napkins.  They were all sent out pretty early and there are no photos.  But they are just like ones I have done in the past.  I make my napkins with the same mitered corners I used on this tablecloth tutorial.

I took life nice and easy almost the entire month of December.  So not only did I leisurely make a bunch of gifts, I also finished quite a few quilt tops.  
So I will have quite a few finishes to share in January.

I wish all of you a joyous New Year.  I really do appreciate your support and look forward to sharing lots of new projects in 2021.  So much more I want to make!


  1. All of those little items make great gifts! I had to look at the tutorial for the jar openers - I may need to make some of those. I love the skull wall-hanging, too! I'm sure your anthropologist friend will come up with an explanation for what happened to that person to explain the extra hole in his head! 😉

  2. That's a neat pixel quilt and thanks for sharing the link for the tissue cover tutorial. It never occurred to me to make such a thing.

  3. The wall hanging is quite interesting, and I can imagine your friend smiling every time she looks at it. It looks like you had fun with your gift making, and that adds to the pleasure of creating things for others.
    Happy New Year, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you do in coming weeks and months.

  4. That is so cool! She's going to love it.

  5. What fun gifts. I bet that Skull quilt was LOVED!! that is too cool!

  6. She won't notice anything is 'wrong with the face. She will just love it!

  7. Thanks so much for blogging. I love scrappy quilts and quilty gifts.I don't belong to a guild so you are my closest quilting friend. Happy New Year. Sorry if this sounds pathetic.

  8. Never so glad to see the end of a year. I, too, stayed up just to make sure. LOL

  9. Thank you Cynthia. Since I turn into a pumpkin way before the clock strikes 12:00, I am so grateful that you ensured the demise of 2020 :-D Your friends are lucky receive these gifts.

  10. One of my quilt group buddies made us all tissue holders two years ago. I use a square of shelf liner as a jar opener all the time. Never thought to give it a fabric cover. And no one would have noticed the hole in the head if you hadn't pointed it out. Maybe the skull belonged to someone hit by sniper fire. I'm sure your friend with love it regardless. Happy New Year.

  11. That skull wall-hanging is fabulous!


  12. Fantastic pixel skull!!! You were obviously very busy in the lead up to Christmas with your gift making, love the Kleenex covers, such a good idea.


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