Tuesday, February 23, 2021

Completely Side Tracked!

 This weekend, a dear friend sent me a text to let me know she was bringing me a quilt to have quilted.  Then she asked..."I found some orphan blocks.  Do you want them?"

Well, you can guess what my answers was!

Now I have no reason to adopt more orphan blocks.  I have already outgrown my orphan block suitcase and the second box I created is already over-flowing.  But the temptation of something new to play with was just too strong.

There are quite an assortment of various blocks but the ones that caught my attention were some improv Halloween themed blocks.  These are actually about 5 x 10" and there are quite a few in various states of completion.  

So even though I have CIL blocks to sew into tops, lots of other UFOs of my own to finish up and quilts to complete for my next Scrap Mixology pattern release, I am entirely focused on these.

...of course I am.  And I know that is not a surprise to any of you :)

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  1. We need to find you a trunk to keep the orphan blocks contained! It is such fun watching you create...

  2. Not surprised at all. Can't wait to see what will happen to these blocks. ;^)

  3. Not surprised. . .How fun to take a detour!

  4. We would be shocked if you turned them down! Fun stuff!

  5. Because it's SEW totally time for improv Halloween blocks, Cynthia!!! :o))

  6. Looks like you got sidetracked by a very fun project. Can not wait to see your Halloween quilt come together. Happy quilting.

  7. No surprise at all! Other people's scraps and blocks are endlessly fascinating :)

  8. Ooh! The orphans so look intriguing!


  9. Well, I for one would be disappointed if you DIDN’T play with those blocks and scraps. Isn’t that a Rule for a Real Scrapper? Have fun!!


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