Tuesday, September 7, 2021

Happy Mail

 I haven't bought any fabric in a really long time.  I have been really determined to use what I have.  But in working on a few projects, I finally admitted that I needed to replenish my white on white stash.  I think I have used every tiny bit in my house.

Photographs of white on white fabric are kind of boring - but this happy mail sure excites me.  I have been digging through scraps for a couple years every time I need a "white" piece.

I ordered 8 lovely yards from Connecting Threads.  I received a nice selection of leaves, florals, geometrics and abstract prints.  This should last me quite a while.

If you need to replenish some stash, Connecting Threads extended their Labor Day sale for a few days.  I am off to my sewing room to finish up some blocks!

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  1. One can never go wrong with lots of white tones in their stash.

  2. Happy mail indeed! I hope you have a lot of fun choosing from these new prints as you work with them. :)

  3. Lovely selection you got. Love white on white. You do a lot of quilts that don't have white. I have to learn how to do that. Enjoy the new fabric. ;^)

  4. Those are lovely white on whites! You might want to also check out Marshall Dry Goods Co. if you're wanting to purchase bundles of tone on tones. Although not all of the items appeal to me, their tone on tones are worth looking at. (I love Connecting Threads, too!)

  5. Great selection and I know what you mean about using all that you have on had. I look forward to seeing what these get paired with!!

  6. As much as we love scraps, sometimes we need to replenish our basics!

  7. Nice selection of whites. I've been buying wow wide backs recently. I seem to be going through it like crazy though.


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