Friday, September 17, 2021

Happy Little Quilt Finish

 Happy Friday!

I get to cross another finished quilt off my list.  Yahoo!! This one isn't very big but I think it turned out pretty darn adorable!

The inspiration for this project was the little moon/star panel bit that came in a bag of scraps.  I came across it when I was digging through my gray scraps.  It is a funny shade of gray and coral so I wasn't sure I would have the proper shades of scraps.  Ha!

I was able to quickly confirm I had plenty.

I dug though my scraps and cut everything into 3.5" squares.  I did find a few fat quarters in my stash that would work so I quickly cut those up with my AccuQuilt cutter.

I decided to go ahead and use the coral and brown stripe I shared in a previous post.  I really didn't have anything else that work for the back.  I really like how it looks.  I quilted it in some swirls and bound it with a black and gold star fabric.

I thought it was funny the quilting now looks like my star is grumpy...

I really like how it turned out.  It is 36" square - just perfect for a wee one!

(I don't usually share my "mistakes", but when I was sewing up the bottom four rows, somehow I got the order of the blocks all messed up.  I am constantly amazed at how I can turn around things in the three feet I walk from my design wall!  So I did end up with some vertical areas of gray not in the original way I am gonna get out my seam ripper for that!)

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend.  It is supposed to rain here...I can't wait!!

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  1. Oh gosh you really aren't the only one that can turn a row around like that, been there done that, haha. This really did turn out super sweet. You may have just given me an idea for some little blocks I have too.

  2. It looks wonderful and I do like the backing with it (hooray it was big enough). We are having a nice bit of rain here as well and I'm thinking that will make it a cozy weekend to be inside quilting. We'll see if I can actually not get distracted, though, haha!

  3. Mistake? What mistake? I don't see any :)
    Nice quilt... xox

  4. What a lovely quilt! I really have to watch myself to make sure I don't do that (and I often do, anyway!). I would call it a design choice & let it go, too! The rain is a SO welcome change. We just moved away from the foothills (partly because we were working ourselves to death trying to keep the property up), but also due to the constant threat of fires. Rain will give much needed help to all the tired firefighters - which I am so grateful for! Best wishes to you! Deb

  5. What a PERFECT quilt for a wee one. That change up in the order. . .must have been a design element decision. . .at least that is what I would cop to if pressed!

  6. What a cute and lovely quilt, Cynthia.
    We are in need of some rain here, there are several fire spots around the country.

  7. Hey, no baby will notice the lines of gray. You have created a darling and cute little quilt that will be loved!

  8. yay for a great finish!! It looks like it was totally planned from the beginning!!


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