Wednesday, April 6, 2022

My Last Fabric Order

When I buy fabric, it is rarely for a specific project.  I like to have a nice sized stash that allows me to pull fabrics from it when I start a new project. That means I have to be real careful when I buy fabrics because they can sit around for a really ling time.

It also helps that I make mostly scrap quilts - everything seems to work with scraps!

I always get asked, how do I know what to buy.  First, I always buy when there are good sales.  These fabrics all came from Connecting Threads.  They recently had a 20% sitewide sale - that includes their clearance fabrics.  So I focused my attention there.

I have been wanting to add some ginghams to my stash.  And the price was finally right on these.  I bought 2.5 yards of all of them.  I plan to use them for things like sashings and bindings.

I bought 4 yards of each of these three prints.  I have lots of plans for these...the lights I am hoping can be some background fabrics for some orphan block quilts.  Or, they can be used as a back.  The dark will hopefully used the same way.  I can't decide though if it is black or a very dark navy.

Before I place any online order, I go and look at my stash (which is organized by color) and see what I am missing in the way of backing fabrics.  I was completely out of red backings and I only have one large cut in purple.  So I tried to only backfill these colors.  They didn't have any purple prints in the price range I wanted but the bottom blue and red piece looked like it might work on a purple quilt.  I am really glad I bought it.

I bought a total of 31 yards.  With the discount, I think I averaged right at about $4.50 per yard.
Getting these fabrics at this price means I can more easily donate a lot more quilts each year.

I knew the annual Hands2Help event was happening soon so stocking up now seemed like a great idea.

Do you buy fabrics for stash or for a specific project?

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Just in tie for those summer picnic projects!


Anonymous said...

I am a scrappy quilter like you, so also try to stock up the sales. It’s a good strategy, I think.


Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

You taught me the importance of stashing enough yardage for backings. It's so smart to shop the sales and fill the gaps in your stash! said...

You are a master at shopping! What great additions to your stash! I love those ginghams!

Susie H said...

You earn the title of Master Shopper! Ha! Thanks for sharing your strategies!

Anne / Springleaf Studios said...

These days I mostly add to my stash when I shop although often with certain projects in mind. Of course getting around to making those 'planned' projects is another thing altogether. Just curious whether you also use Connecting Threads thread?

craftyjudy01 said...

Funny, I bought the same three ginghams that you did. I'm always checking Connecting Threads when they have a sale and I was pumped when I saw these ginghams. That doesn't happen too often.

Barb N said...

You are such a wise shopper - I love it!

Nann said...

"Buying fabric and sewing fabric are related yet different hobbies," goes the saying. My thought process, and thus my acquisition process, is similar to yours. You got some good deals at the Connecting Threads sale!

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