Monday, January 5, 2015

ALYoF 2014 Performance

In my year in review post, I shared that in 2014 , I went from a ridiculous 47 works in progress at the beginning of the year to a workable 26 by the end of the year. One of the ways I worked through so many of these projects was to set goals each month as part of Sew BitterSweet Designs' A Lovely Year of Finishes. Each month I made a single goal of finishing a really old project. And with some determination and discipline, I met my goals 11 months out of the year. Here they are again!

 January 2014

March 2014

June 2014

August 2014

October 2014

December 2014

A Lovely Year of Finishes

Thanks Sew BitterSweet Designs for hosting such a great event. I look forward to linking up in 2015 and to continue to get things finished and out of the cupboards so I have more room for fabric!

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  1. Inspirational! I must do better. I like the idea of more space for fabric :-)

  2. Amazing! Great work this year.

  3. That first "bumble bee" quilt is so eye-catching and, now that I read the post on it, SO ingenious. I also just love the orange and aqua quilt, and I'm not a fan of orange! You are incredible, as I always say and firmly believe, in how MUCH you get done.


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