Thursday, April 23, 2015

Bucket List Quilt - Park Bench

Now that I have finished my Pineapple quilt and crossed it off my quilty bucket list, it is time to get started on the next one.  As I looked over my extensive list, one jumped out at me and I knew it would be next!

I fell in love with Julie Herman's (of Jaybird Quilts) Park Bench Quilt when it came out last year.  I kept putting the kit in my shopping cart but the funds were never quite there to actually be able to purchase it.  Then at around the holidays, I spied the kit on Craftsy at a ridiculously cheap price and snatched it up.  It has been waiting on the shelf patiently for me to start on it.

I think the time has come!

The kit contains the pattern and all the fabric to make the top.  The fabric is the Botanics collection by Carolyn Freidlander (who I also love!)  The pattern is set up as a block of the month so I thought I would set the goal to make a block each month and share my progress along the way.

I am going to start with the Picnic block and have pulled my fabric and hope to start cutting soon!

I fear with this quilt in the works I am going to have a hard time focusing on finishing all the other quilts in progress around my sewing room!

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Too bad the Park Bench kit is no longer available on Craftsy but if you are a fan of Jaybird Quilts, I see they have her Gravity kit now.  Along with Elizabeth's Hartman's Pointy Quilt. Both of which just might be in my shopping cart right now....

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Helen in the UK said...

A great pattern, great fabrics and you got it at a great price - that's win, win all the way! Enjoy :)

Lynda said...

thanks for the tip, I have been wanting the gravity kit for some time,and hopefully this is the cheapest that I will be able to get it. Now to find the ruler -

Jasmine said...

I love her patterns and rulers. I'm looking forward to seeing your progress. Her Lotus quilt is on my bucket list. I hope I can get to it this year.

Vera said...

Neat! I have her rulers too. Her patterns are really clever and pretty.

Clumsy Chord said...

I so very nearly bought this kit at least a dozen times because it's so gorgeous... but I never did. Eventually one day I'll just buy the pattern and make use of my fabric mountain to figure out what to make it with... but it's so gorgeous with Botanics. Just a great pairing of the pattern and fabric. (I guess it's still sort of on my quilty bucket list too...)

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