Sunday, June 26, 2016

Oh Scrap! : Scrap-A-Palooza Quilt #20 Part Two

What a week of scrap busting!  For my "one block" Scrap-A-Palooza quilt, I decided to go with the tumbler shape (I was also considering the triangle or the diamond).  My AccuQuilt tumbler die is 3.5" so I dug through my blue, green and purple scrap bins and cut one or two tumbler shapes from any scrap that was large enough.  Thanks to my die cutter, in no time at all pretty stacks of tumbler blocks were lining my cutting table.

Once all the blocks are cut, it is time to decide how to lay them out.

The first choice is to go scrappy and just sew them up in a random placement.  I have done this occasionally in the past but I do love to play with color so I tend to group colors together in some sort of combination.

***Sorry, these little blocks are tiny so my sample layouts are not going to be that big.****

I could also lay out the quilt with my greens on the top third and gradate through blue and then finish with purple on the bottom third.  I was planning on 20 rows so each color would get about 7 rows.

 Another option is to get really fancy and create different shapes within the quilt using the scrap colors.

With the tumbler shape, just flip the block and you can get a very different look.  With a little work, I bet you could get a very cool Navajo looking pattern.

 All interesting, but my regular readers know how I roll.  I like to REALLY play with color.

 Soon 400 plus tumbler blocks became this.  I have been wanting to play with depth in my scrap quilting and I have to say I really like this one.  There are scraps of fruit, batiks, solids, modern, kaffe, 1800 and 1930 reproductions....pretty much anything.  But they all play happily together.

It went together surprisingly quickly.

If you are curious how I did it, I started with two white tumblers in the center of my wall.  I decided to have a quadrant of turquoise/teal, blue, purple and green.  Then I started just slapping the tumblers on the wall in their appropriate quadrant.  The lighter the shade, the closer to the center they were placed.  And just like on a color wheel, the blender colors were placed in those between areas.  Then starting at the white, I just started placing them.  There were a few challenging areas but I just kept moving tumblers until I liked how they looked.

I admit, once I had them up on the wall, I was not looking forward to sewing up all these tiny pieces.  But the great thing about a fabric cutter is each block is perfect and they have all those helpful alignment cuts that make piecing a breeze. is now a quilt top!


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  1. WOW!! Love this layout. And the colours. Excellent work. I also love the one you said it could be a Navajo design. It is very interesting but the last choice was the best of the best. Congrats.Congrats. ;^)

  2. Those colours all went together nicely. Great job.

  3. They layout really makes this one special. Well worth all the extra effort.

  4. Fascinating process. Very effective.

  5. This is brilliant! I absolutely love this! And you have inspired me to get to work on my scrappy solids tumbler quilt. I've had the pieces cut for months. Truly this is a gorgeous top. Thanks for sharing your plan if attack!

  6. I love your tumblers and the layout you chose! Years ago I made an AppleCore quilt and the Tumbler quilt has been calling my name for a while.

  7. INCREDIBLE!!! I've never seen a Colorwash Quilt made of Tumblers before. Thanks for sharing your process!

  8. Love the colorwash design you finally settled on. I need a die cutter!

  9. Beautiful colorwash setting. You made fast work of all those scraps!

  10. Wow! This is amazing! You are not known for wasting time! 400 tumblers...thank goodness for AccuQuilt and being a little bit crazy! This has got to have made a dent in your scraps!

  11. What a beautiful layout and quilt top! I love the way you chose to group the colors and think this is very striking.

  12. Your use of scraps to create this beautiful quilt is so inspiring! Thank you for sharing today!

  13. This is gorgeous! I love how you blended everything together with a tumbler block. Unexpected with great results.

  14. I can definitely see the benefits of a fabric cutter and design wall. Congrats on that wonderful layout.

  15. Another beauty - once again thanks for showing us your process - so many choices:))

  16. What a lovely layout! Great choice! I've never made a tumbler quilt, I should add that to the quiltly list!

  17. beautiful layout for a tumbler quilt.

  18. WOW! Love, love, love the layout you decided upon :)

  19. Great job with the layout! I think I like all the options but yours is very artistic and has that WOW factor. Beautiful!

  20. First, I am amazed at how different the layout looks when you flip the tumblers! Second, I am in awe of the final arrangement.

  21. It looks like a ray of sunlight peeking through a rainbow!! Just amazing!

  22. Hi Cynthia, What a lovely use of colour. It looks really great.

  23. That is fantastci. I have been cutting tumblers out of my patriotic scraps - I love how you laid yours out - that is so fun!!

  24. 400+ tumblers and I don't think it could have been done better. My mouth is still open. So beautiful!!!

  25. Gorgeous!! I love the way you radiated the color from the whites. Can't wait to see it quilted!

  26. I'm with Preeti - my jaw dropped when I saw your final layout! Just beautiful! I've been wanting to make a tumbler quilt, and now I HAVE to! Lol!

  27. So effective- love the way the colours have come together- you have a great eye for colour!

  28. Oh, this is fabulous! I've never seen a colorwash effect using tumblers, and your top is just stunning!


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