Tuesday, September 29, 2020


 Every time I start playing in my orphan block suitcase, I end up starting a lot of new projects.

I don't often have a large number of any one block but I did find 15 of these gay toned blocks.  They measure (clos to) 6" square.  I find them kind of boring as they are and I think that is why I haven't used them yet.

So today I was inspired to cut them all in half.

I them gave the pieces a flip and sewed them back together again.  The next step was to trim them all down to 5" square.  I like how the colors are a lot more balanced.  I have an idea now how to use them so it is just a matter of me pulling the scraps I need. 

But that will have to be a job for another day...

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Cheryll said...

Ohhh I like what you did with them... xox

Jayne said...

Sometimes a quick slice and dice is all an orphan block needs to get you on your way! I know you'll turn these blocks into something spectacular!

Louise said...

When in doubt, cut it in half :)

Rochelle aka Bella Quilts said...

These look so much more interesting now. I'd be adding some red to them to liven them up.

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