Wednesday, November 3, 2021

Bee Prepared!

 One of my neighbors came over the other day to buy one of my quilts and she asked me if I could custom make her a wallhanging for a Beekeeper friend.

I disappeared for a minute and quickly came back to show her a Bee panel I had stashed away.

She loved it!

Once she picked which of the little panels she liked, I had to frame them to bring them up to a useable size.  They never seem to be standard.

The plan is to stack the framed pieces and surround them with scrappy 3.5" squares out of my scrap bins.  So the piece will be long and narrow.  And because I still have my AccuQuilt 3.5" die out, I already have all the squares cut.  I just need an empty design wall to finalize a layout.

I love when I can meet a request without doing any fabric shopping.

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  1. These panels are perfect for a beekeeper, happy stitching!

  2. This is going to be adorable. Well done.

  3. Wow...just perfect for this request! She is going to be overjoyed with the final project!

  4. How cool was that? You get to make an adorable wall hanging from stash that someone else is gifting. Life is great!

  5. Thank you for the idea. I have this fabric to make something for a school (yes, they are the BEES), and I've been playing around with it. this have given me another way to consider.

  6. Kathy Schmitz designs are so wonderful. Perfect home for that panel.

  7. What a perfect use for the panel; lovely serendipity!

  8. Oh, the joys of having a well-stocked fabric stash!! :o))


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