Sunday, November 3, 2013

Finally Some Sewing!

Between reading up on new appliances, caulking/painting/constantly vacuuming, and multiple trips to the hardware store (Boy, are kitchen remodels extremely disruptive!), I finally escaped for a day of sewing with friends.  It felt so good to finally be able to sit for an extended period of time and just put a ton of thread through fabric. 
I so enjoyed just chain piecing my little heart out.

A friend of mine just bought a beautiful new home and a few of us met there to sew.  Knowing I love scraps, she brought out not one but three tubs of scraps!  AND a large trash bag full!!  
Needless to say, I was in scrap heaven.

While I desperately wanted to immediately dive right in to those colorful bits of wonderful fabric, I made myself focus on getting all the blocks for my Double Crossed quilt all sewn up.

I now have all 80 blocks made so I hope to share a finished quilt top soon.

When I did finally get to those scraps, I found a few sewn strip sets that were just waiting to be made into something.  As most of the work was done, all I had to do was chop them up into 2 1/2" bits and sew them into these cute little nine patches.


I also found a bunch of interesting triangles that were already cut.  I simply paired them up just to see what they would look like.

Some I sewed a print to a Kona Ash solid and some I sewed a print to another print.


Once I got home, I got to thinking the scraps looked pretty familiar and sure enough, after look through my pictures, I saw this quilt I had quilted for my friend.  I think all of the scraps came from the assembly of this beautiful quilt top.

Here is the little baby quilt I ended up making from all those bits.  I floated the 9 patches in some Kona Ash sashing and used the triangles for an interesting border.  As you can see, the outside border is a little ruffled.  As I didn't trim down any of the pieces, I expected some fit issues.  I will quilt them out once I get this on my quilting machine. 

Luckily I have a two week reprieve on the kitchen as I await the granite and the tile.  I am hoping to get caught back up on my projects.  I have so much I want to share!!

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Lorna McMahon said...

Wow, Cynthia! When you get busy... You get 'er done! Amazing baby quilt you whipped up using those scraps. Great job! Regarding your Double Crossed blocks... Really admire your ability to work with purple. They look fabulous!

Ella said...

That's some scrappy goodness!

Kathy said...

Looks like you made real good use of your time quilting with friends!

Anonymous said...

Very cute and such a clever use of scraps!

Sewing Mom said...

It looks great...very creative!

Tami C said...

Great use of your leftover scraps!

Jenny Bonynge said...

I love your ability to invent great pieces from scraps. You are sure a go-getter! Can't wait to see that new kitchen!!!

Barb said...

"Have scraps, will create." That should be your new motto! Love the little quilt, and I'm sure those ruffles will be no problem for you to quilt out (jealous).

Sara said...

The pink,red and blue is soo soo sweet together!

Paula@TheSassyQuilter said...

Love these scrappy fabrics with the Kona Ash! Great look.

Susan Owenby said...

Awesome! So glad to see you. What a funny story with the friend's quilt! Glad the kitchen is giving you a break and looking forward to what you do with it. :)

Connie said...

Good luck with the kitchen remodel and aren't scraps fun!! Thanks for sharing.
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Joanie's Trendy Quilts said...

Happy to hear you had a reprieve so you can sew again! That is a gorgeous quilt with the scrappy strips. Very unique! Cute baby nine patch quilt! Love nine patches! What a creative border too! Purple Crossroads is looking quite intriguing! Can't wait to see the blocks sewn together! Is there a seam down the middle of those blocks?

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