Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Scrap-A-Palooza! Quilt #9 Part Three

Ah September...you are flying by so very quickly!  With my customer quilting backlog taking up most of my time, I am just not getting into my sewing room this month as I had hoped.  I did make progress on this month's Scrap-A-Palooza quilt however!

In last week's post, I shared the process for making these blocks out of my leftover binding pieces (or 2 1/2" strips of fabric). These blocks really only take a few minutes to sew up.  In each block, I paired a solid fabric with a print - as long as it was green or blue, it went into the quilt.

As each block was sewn, I just added it to my design wall.  I like to start looking at the layout on my scrap quilts before I finish all the blocks.  This allows me to focus on making the last blocks in the colors I need to balance out the quilt a bit.

 For this quilt, I identified three types of blocks that stood out and needed moving a bit.  The bright turquoise, lime green and the lighter blocks.  I decided I needed to sew one more bright turquoise block and that I didn't like the lighter blocks toward the center of the quilt (so they were moved to the outer border).  I also moved a couple of lime green blocks around.  With just those minor changes, I started joining together the blocks.

 Here is the final layout all sewn up.  To think these blocks all came from leftover binding pieces...
What fun!

 It is even prettier in the sunlight!

Now to get it quilted up.  I am off to find some fabrics for the backing.  With so many colors, I know I will have something in my stash!
Quilting is more fun than Housework 
I Scrap-A-Palooza because Quilting is more fun than Housework!
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  1. The sunshine really makes the colors pop! Beautiful!

  2. This is gorgeous! I have made a couple 16 patch quilts and can't wait to make another. Love the colors you chose.

  3. It's looking great and I really love the sunshine pic! I enjoyed reading about your choice making processes too! Linda

  4. Like this, good Bee Block- bookmarking!

  5. Looks beautiful Cynthia and what a perfect way to use up your scraps!

  6. I love saving up the left overs, and sometimes I even use them. :-) Your process of stopping before you are finished to arrange and identify blanks that need filled worked well for you; the result is charming.

  7. Lovely! I agree, these blocks are quick and fun to make!


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