Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Summer Solstice Quilt Along - Flying Geese

Three more days into my working vacation and I am happy to report I have stayed focused and chipped away at my to-do list.

 One of the tasks for this week was to sew up my 72 flying geese for my Summer Solstice quilt.  (In case you haven't heard - this is a quilt along being hosted by Happy Quilting.)  I will be making 9 big 24" blocks.  I love these bright shades of orange with the dark teal Kona.

So what else have I been doing for three days?  So far exercising, eating right and organizing a few scraps.   My fabric cutter has been getting a workout!

I admit a bit of sewing has been happening too.  Somehow a bunch of lime green and gray strings turned into these pretties.  I ended up with a total of 20 8" blocks so I will need to get a bit create on a block layout.  Something to work on tomorrow!

Some of my scraps and precuts are now listed in my Etsy shop.  I also came across a bunch of selvedges so I bagged them up in half pound lots and listed them too.  Buy a couple of items and save on the shipping!

And if you want any baby quilts at a great price, I listed a bunch of them too.  
Time to do a big clear out!

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Vic in NH said...

The oranges with the deep constant teal in your flying geese are truly striking! Thanks for showing them here. But you've been much too careful about healthy eating and exercise, so have a piece of chocolate! Well, just one?

Melissa Corry said...

Your flying geese look fanatic!!! Love those wonderful oranges with the deep teal. So pretty!! Way to get them all pieced up, and then some ;)

Maker Joy said...

It looks like you're having a great time with your working vacation. I love the fabrics you've chosen for your Summer Solstice quilt.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

BEautiful colors!! And exercising on vacation? Ha ha

Sandy Panagos said...

The teal and orange look really great together, but I think I'm in love with the lime green and grey blocks!

JanineMarie said...

What yummy color combos! A great way to spend your vacation.

Kate said...

I really like the orange and blue flying geese. Looking forward to seeing your project come together.

the zen quilter said...

Love the colors on those flying geese - they are really eye-catching.

KaHolly said...

Oh, my, your summer solstice quilt is going to be a real stunner! I can already tell!

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