Sunday, July 24, 2016

Oh Scrap! : Before I Knew It

Happy Sunday all my Scrap Loving Friends!

I know many of you can appreciate this little story.

I was looking through some bags of fabric trying to find some gray strings I knew I was saving.  I opened one bag and came across a bunch of these leftover strip sets given to me by a client.  I knew I also still had a bunch of teal and brown 2 1/2" fabric strips in a previous bag I had looked in. I started chopping up the strips and sewing up these blocks.

 Before I knew it, I had a scrappy quilt top all finished!

Now, back to looking for those gray strips again!  :)


Now it is time to share your scrap projects, here are the details for linking up:
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Quilting is more fun than Housework
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  1. I wish I had your "scrap problems" and be able to fix a quilt in a jiffy, like that. It is a lovely quilt by the way. Masculine without being dark. Very nice! ;^)

  2. How nice you had those 'scraps'. I had a friend give me fabric and it's all dress material. So a pause from quilting and onto tops and skirts.

  3. What a great little project. Hope the grey scraps turn up.

  4. scrap quilts are about all I make love the one you are making

  5. The story of my life (maybe minus the wonderful "finish" that you ended up with, though!!!......for me, it's much time spent, "bunny trails" followed, only to end up with, or not, the item needed but......there's always "wine time".....LOL!!!).

  6. Oh, I like this!! Great quilt from a play time project.

  7. Yep, been there, done that. Those scrap saves are some of the best quilts.

  8. It was a really nice quilt you did of your scraps strings and the color is beautiful!

  9. Love that you get side tracked just like the rest of us! And you got a great quilt in the process, a win in my book!

  10. That is such a neat layout to come from a bunch of unrelated scraps! I love the woven effect, and the colors, too! Nice finish!

  11. Lovely color scheme, woven effect and use of scraps!

  12. Now that's what I call getting distracted!

  13. That is great! Great story and beautiful quilt top.

  14. Hey, it could happen to anybody! 8)
    (Actually, if I had gone off on a tangent like that, it would have taken me days to remember what it was that I was looking for in the first place. And by then, I would have started a whole other project...)
    Great quilt!

  15. I'm with Gayle, by the time I had finished, I would have forgotten what I was originally looking for!

  16. Yep. What Gayle said! Great distraction, btw.

  17. Cynthia, you've just shown how super a serendipity quilt can be!

  18. This is so you...sidetracked by a new scrap find...and viola! a quilt top finished!

  19. I have just about sworn off straighten out the fabric scraps, stacked patterns and now my tatting supplies. every time I do I get sidetracked with new ideas and projects and it is not pretty afterglow let me tell you. Having said that I love the brown and teal colors in this quilt top.

  20. A classic case of "SQUIRREL!" if I've ever seen it :) It turned out beautiful. Hope you still find your gray strips, or what ever other quilt might be hiding in your scraps.

  21. Great color combo on that impromptu quilt!


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