Friday, July 15, 2016

Scrap-A-Palooza! Quilt #20 Finish

I was cleaning out some photo files and realized I forgot to share my finished Scrap-A-Palooza one block quilt!  I guess it went together so quickly it was almost like it didn't happen....
but it is really pretty so I will share it!

In part one, I explained the concept for this Scrap-A-Palooza design is to use just a single shape for cutting your scraps.  It can be diamonds, triangles, hexagons - whatever specialty ruler you have around your cutting area.

 I decided to use my AccuQuilt Tumbler die and cut up hundreds of 3.5" shapes from my green, blue and purple scraps.

In the second process post, I shared a few possible layouts.  I did decide on a colorwash design and explained my process for laying out all the colors. In no time at all I had a finished quilt top to share.

It immediately got quilted up and bound.  I REALLY love this quilt.  One of my clients offered to buy it from me but I am just not ready to part with it yet.

It is hard to believe that it is just made from old scraps.

Placement of the colors was a fun little puzzle.  I just kept moving them around and trying not to get too picky. I really wanted to find a home for all of the pieces I had cut.

 With so much color on the front, I couldn't resist using some vibrant older stash for the backing.  This quilt really does glow!

 For the quilting, I did an allover swirl but I did change the thread colors. I think there were 5 or 6 color changes throughout the quilt.  I didn't want the quilting to affect the colorwash effect.

...One more photo because I love it!

Now because this is a Scrap-A-Palooza post and I always like to share lots of other examples, if you don't want to use tumblers.... is a hexagon quilt I also recently finished.   I had a bunch of leftover chunks of fabrics that I really wanted to use up.  I used my Hex & More ruler and cut up some half hexies.
How fun is this little quilt!

 And don't forget about triangles.  Remember my Sassy quilt?  Once again, this one was made from a bunch of leftover pieces from previous quilts.

One of the reasons I love these one block scrap quilts so much is they really are great scrap busters.  Because there are no backgrounds, all of the fabric comes from the scrap bin.  
Okay, and the other reason is because you can make some pretty darn cute scrap quilts!

Happy Friday!

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  1. What an absolutely stunning quilt! Just beautiful!

  2. It looks the sun reflecting in a pool of water! And the hexi too! You've been busy!

  3. I have been thinking of starting a 1-patch scrap quilt myself, and yours are just STUNNING! I especially love the tumblers.

  4. I just noticed you mentioned cutting your tumblers with an Accuquilt die. I have been looking at the Accuquilt GO! Baby just for projects like this -- tumbler, clamshell, apple core, isosceles triangles from scraps. The price is so hefty, though, for the cutter itself as well as the dies. Do you think it's worth it even if I only plan to use it occasionally for scrappy quilts like these?

  5. It's gorgeous! I am always jealous of color wash quilts, haven't tried to do one myself yet.

  6. So great! I love the placement of the light values in the center. The result is stunning. The quilting is beautiful, too!

  7. I agree with Valerie, it really does look like a gorgeous pool of water...what a beautiful job you have done and what a great use of scraps!

  8. Your colorwash quilt is simple gorgeous! I can understand why you don't want to part with it.

  9. What a beautiful colour combination - scraps are amazing and seem to give you permission to try so many different things:))

  10. Your colorwash tumblers are just stunning!

  11. You have the best scraps ever, and have such a great knack for throwing them together. Love it!

  12. Your quilt is gorgeous! What lovely scraps you have.
    Nice to se your other options too.
    Barbara xx

  13. LOVE, LOVE your tumbler charm quilt! It is beautiful!

  14. I think the colorwash layout is gorgeous! Scraps really do make the best quilts.

  15. The color wash quilt turned out beautifully! Congrats on the finish.

  16. Somehow I missed commenting on this post, but not because I never read it! Lol! Just like everyone has said, your tumbler quilt is just amazing! I love the layout - you have such a way with color! I enjoyed seeing the hexagon and triangle quilts, too. I have a tiangle quilt like that on my list! I don't think we'll ever run out of ideas!

  17. Love this quilt Cynthia and I can see why you have decided to keep it for yourself. Am looking forward to trying out my Accu Quilt and making one similar. Loved your string quilt too with the green and gray. Yum. Happy quilting, Clare

  18. What a fab layout! You placed those colors perfectly! Love it!


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