Sunday, July 16, 2017

Oh Scrap! : Calling it Done

I finished up my blue string blocks early in the month but I still had my 9 patch blocks to finish up for my other Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt.

I only made three blocks this month because once I did a count on my blocks finished to date, I realized I have enough framed blocks to finish out a quilt.  I don't want it to get too big.

I tossed them up onto my design wall  with the dark black 9 patches around the outside and the lighter ones toward the center.  I quickly decided they needed a sashing.

And, as with so many of my projects, once I make a decision, I jump right in and get it done!  (Yes, this photo has the sashing already attached.)

When I was digging through a bag of black and white scraps, I came across some 2.5" strips that had came in a strap bag from a friend.  They were extremely frayed but I thought maybe I could use them somehow.  There were just a few strips and there was both a light and a dark version.  Some quick math and I discovered by cutting them down to 1.25" wide, I had just enough to sash the whole quilt.

Now I think it needs a small outside border.  I have two choices - I really like the white stars on the top but I am not quite sure I have enough fabric.  The darker piece on the bottom is the fabric I used for the tiny cornerstones.

While I ponder these two, I think I will go dig for a backing fabric. 
Feel free to weigh in if you have a preference!


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    Jayne said...

    I like the sashing with your blocks. And I do like the first border fabric, but if there isn't enough then I'd go with the other. Man, you are so quick with putting quilts together!! One day I'll have day after day of quilting I can do!

    Chantal said...

    Love the fabric used for the sashing. So cool that you had it in dark and light. It's like it was meant for this quilt. You did an excellent job with this quilt. I would go with the same fabric as the corner stones, just to pull everything together. But whatever you decide I'm sure it will look good. You have great taste. ;^)

    Podunk Pretties said...

    I agree, the stars print would be the perfect border. Could you cut the stars fabric narrow and make it a striped border using the other fabric also. 1 dark black strip, 1 stars strip and another black strip. Clear as mud? You know framing the quilt?

    LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

    I love this one, Cyndy! Thesolid borders for each scrappy block are my favorite part. The stripy sashing fabric adds a lot to the design, too! You always have such good ideas!

    Rebecca said...

    I forget sometimes less is more on sashing. Love how that worked out.

    Quilter Kathy said...

    Fun sashing with light and dark areas! Great idea!

    Cathy said...

    Nice! (And I'd use both fabrics for the border just because I never have enough and so that's how it usually goes around here).

    PaulaB quilts said...

    You are a real dynamo and it's amazing to me how you can find a place for the most unlikely scraps! You keep me on my toes when I feel like slacking off. Actually, I've found that cutting and piecing are really good excersize for my arms, so I'm trying to do some daily.

    Angie in SoCal said...

    I'm going to be different and say you don't need a border on that great quilt. The colors are so strong - they make the edge stand out already. Love it.

    gayle said...

    I love that narrow stripy sashing!
    I'd use both those fabrics in a border, somehow. A frame to frame the framed blocks would be perfect!

    Clare M said...

    I quite like the idea of using both fabrics too. So fast Cynthia, as has been said. I feel a bit like a Loving it all though. Hugs, Clare

    Pamela Arbour said...

    Great job! I always enjoy seeing what you make with scraps and the fact that you share a little of the thought process too.

    suzanprincess said...

    If you add border cornerstones in the mini-cornerstone star fabric, would that give you enough of the lighter fabric for the rest of the border? Or is there enough of the lighter fabric for a slim border, then another, wider border of the stars?
    I really like your tiny striped sashing; it really makes the 9-patches zing.

    Linda said...

    Love your finished quilt. The narrow sashing sets off the RSC blocks perfectly. I can see the attraction of both your selected border fabrics and think either would look right. Can't wait to see the completed quilt top.

    Home Sewn By Us said...

    Hi Cynthia,
    Those blocks are so nice, and the sashing and corner stones just finish them off. I look forward to seeing what you chose for the border . . . ~smile~ Roseanne

    chrisknits said...

    I say the same fabric as the cornerstones. The stars would take away from the design.

    Kate said...

    Love the sashing fabric! You could go with either for the border, both look great. (Yes, I know, I'm no help what so ever).

    Kristi said...

    Love the striped sashing! The framed square is one of my favorite blocks!

    Nancy said...

    What a positively fun quilt! I love the brights together.

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