Sunday, October 15, 2017

Oh Scrap! : Scrappy Mischief

Saturday was a busy day for me...filled full of scrappy mischief!

I made another 12 rectangular string blocks for the pink RSC quilt I am making this month.

And I also added another ten 6" string blocks to my rainbow collection of square blocks.  To match some of the blocks I made last time the RSC color was pink, I had to keep these soft and leaning toward lavender.

Then I got out my AccuQuilt Studio and filled up my 2.5" square stockpile.  I love having so many choices already cut and just waiting for me to pluck them out for a block.

While I was cutting, I also pulled out my 4.5" square die and cut up a bunch of Christmas fabrics.  Someone's going to get a patchwork tree skirt this holiday!

(That is if I stick with it and finish it on time!)

While I was playing with my 2.5" squares, I may have started making my Rainbow Scrap Challenge blocks for 2018.  This year, I have been focusing on strings and my Kaffe fabrics.  Most of my scrap bins are clear of strings now so I will only be making a defined quantity of specific colors in the future.  This will finish off a rainbow string quilt I have in the works.  The bowties will continue into next year and I will make the above block my second design.

It is hard to believe we have to start thinking about 2018 already!


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    Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

    good idea on the two and half inch squares, I need to be cutting more of my scraps into usable pieces now that my room is organized.

    Shannon said...

    I have a box full of 2.5" scraps. I love how you've put them in containers inside your box. What store did you get those at?

    Jayne said...

    I was thinking the exact thing when you mentioned 2018! I'm not ready! I am loving your pinks string blocks and it's always inspiring seeing all your beautifully organized 2.5" squares!

    Chantal said...

    You are so organized. I wish I had such a gift. That box of little cut up squares is so inviting. I just want to dive in and enjoy it. Ok, you have inspired me. I need to go cut up some fabric now. ;^)
    P.S. The 2018 block is very promising. Enjoy!

    LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

    I love that box of 2.5 inch squares! Like a candy store for quilters! Looks like you've been getting a lot of use from your Accuquilt. Your new block looks like it could work really well for lots of colors. Enjoy your Sunday!

    Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

    Cynthia, you have such beautiful scraps and they co-ordinate too, unlike mine which seem to be an unmatchable mess! And you are so organized...a lesson there for me!

    Quilter Kathy said...

    You are uberorganized to be thinking about your 2018 project!
    I'm still working on my projects from years ago :)

    chrisknits said...

    I love your scrap box!! Such a neat way to store your squares.

    Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

    Your blocks look great - and you are so prepped! Great job!

    Kristi said...

    Love your new block! I've been thinking about next years RSC too! This year I used it to sew up all my crumbs each month, which I loved! I'm going to make another crumb block (probably a fat plus). And also some type of string block. I love the color challenge for incrementally keeping on top of your scraps!

    Turid said...

    I love to see your box of 2,5" squares. Fantastic!

    Kate said...

    Lots of pretty in pink in your scraps this week. I keep telling myself to focus on finishes this year, but my mind has already drifted into what can I get done next year.

    Dar said...

    What fun it looks like you are having. I love, love, love your 2.5" squares collections and the box you store them in. I need one of those! I too make lots of scrap things with that size. Thanks for having a linky party to show off our scrap projects.

    Bonnie said...

    You are dedicated to moving those scraps out. Great job. I too like your scrap box. What is it and where'd you get it? It is much bigger than the amount of squares I keep cut but it sure looks nice and neat! Great job on your Rainbow Scrap blocks. And, can I just say WOW -- you've already decided next years challenge block???? Good job but I'm barely keeping up this year. On the other hand, I've actually participated for the whole year which is a first for me! Enjoy the week.

    Nann said...

    I admire your industry, Cyndy. I'm still chugging away with 2017 projects -- but I'm always on the lookout for ideas for RSC!

    Barb Neiwert said...

    Did I hear you say you're running out of strips? Whaaaatttt? Ithink you need more projects to generate some more scraps! Yeah, yeah, that's the ticket! Love those pink blocks - looking good!

    Teri said...

    I too was wondering what and where for the containers that will fit in the art bin box.

    Beth @ Cooking Up Quilts said...

    I am amazed by the amount of scraps you have and your organization of them! Having a box of precut squares is handy, and would inspire creativity. I dream of the day when I am better organized... :)

    Susan said...

    Love the pinks you have going! And your box of 2 1/2 inch squares is so wonderfully organized. I can see where you would have fun playing with those. Now, my squares are a mish-mash of prints, no real color organization, and unfortunately, feel like they are dragging me down. Very close to selling them off, along with other rectangles for log cabin blocks. I think I'm just tired of seeing old prints!

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