Sunday, October 22, 2017

Oh Scrap! : Too Little Attention to Detail

There are just some projects I should only work on when I can go slowly and give them my undivided attention.  The Burgoyne Surround blocks are one of them!

This is the third block I have sewn.  I usually have all the pieces laid out on one of my design boards so I can see where I am at and make sure everything is configured correctly.  This time I decided to just chain piece a bunch of things at once.  

What a mess!  
I think I ended up ripping out and re-sewing almost every seam.

So it is not the flattest block.  Due to a bunch of handling, squares are stretched a bit and not all of my points match.  I am hoping it will still make it into the final quilt.

But I definitely learned my lesson....
and my seam ripper got a workout!


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    1. Well, at least you didn't give up! When that is happening to me, I usually decide I wasn't meant to be sewing on that and have to leave the room. I think your block looks good!

    2. I have been through the very thing! It doesn't pay to rush sometimes. Then's hard to take some things slow!!

    3. Ugh. We all have those days when nothing goes right!! I always say that I don't want an ergonomic seem ripper, because I don't want to use it enough to need it to be ergonomic! :0

    4. I hate it when that happens. If I'm chain piecing from the design wall, I have to pin so I know which seam I'm supposed to sew. Hopefully it will all line out in the end.

    5. LOL, I am best friends with my ripper (unfortunately, I need to replace my friend often)

    6. Isn't it funny how sometimes the seam ripper service isn't needed and sometimes every single step needs readjusting? I hate when that happens!

    7. I hate when that happens too!

      I started from the inside out to make my blocks and didn't even cut all my fabrics before I started a block. I cut pieces as I needed them for each round. That way I could work on several blocks at one time and not even get mixed up (most of the time).

      Glad you are working on one. So good!

    8. Love that pattern; it is on my endless list.

    9. When I start making stupid mistakes, that's my cue to Just Walk Away from the machine. Only took me 30 years to figure that out, but hey, nobody has ever accused me of being a fast learner....

    10. It looks pretty darn good in the photo. I feel your pain with ripping and resewing. How many of these beauties do you want to make??

    11. Great blocks so far - looking really good!

    12. Reverse sewing is no fun, but your block does look good.

    13. I'm not going to admit to how many projects are "on hold" in my sewing room because I ripped out so many times that I've given up.

      What I will say is that Oh Scrap!! I love scrappy quilts and that is about all I actually make because mostly what I use are fabrics that are given to me or I buy at yard sales, estate sales, second hand stores etc.

      I'm so happy that I ran across your blog today.

    14. Burgoyne Surrounded has been on my list for years and years, but I’ve yet to attack it! Seeing yours makes me smile!


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