Wednesday, May 19, 2021

Evolution of a Fabric Pull

 I know that not every quilter works this way, but almost all of my quilts start with the fabric.  I end up being inspired by a piece of fabric and it just takes off from there.  Sometime the fabrics come together quickly - other times it might take many months.

Back in January, Sally over at The Objects of  Design graciously gifted me some scraps.  In amongst her generous bag of fabrics were these three fat quarters.  I rarely have fabrics from the same collection (or even the same print) so I set them aside and decided to use them together in a quilt.
Aren't the pretty!

But when I received them, I didn't have anything I thought would go well with them.  So they just sat...

Then one day, I came across this low volume print that I had purchased from Connecting Threads last year.  I loved how they looked together!

But with three fat quarters and 2.5 yards of background, I knew I didn't have enough fabric for a quilt.  So the stack of fabrics just continued to sit.

I would occasionally over the last few months come across a fabric that I thought might work, but nothing excited me.  This morning I dug out a taupe geometric fabric that I have had for at least a decade.  I think I actually squealed out loud!

It is a half yard cut so that means technically I have 5 fat quarters.  And anytime I have five fat quarters and a big cut of background, my brain instantly goes to my Wiggle Time pattern.

I will use the geometric print in the second and fourth "wiggle".  Now I just need to decide what order I want those pretty fat quarters that Sally shared with me.

I am sure this pattern was on my mind due to Maggie (at Making a Lather) having shared her finished Wiggle Time quilt last Sunday.  You can see her sunny quilt here.

This quilt goes together very quickly and is super simple to make.  So hopefully I will have the top together soon.  I am still working on lots of other more tedious projects so this "speed sewing" will be a fun break.

Thanks for the inspiration Sally and Maggie!

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  1. What a wonderful fabric pull. I LOVED the "ageability" of the geometric piece. It looks like it was totally part of the original gift! I look forward to seeing your progress on the Wiggle Room pattern!

  2. Looking forward to seeing how this quilt turns out. Love how you took us through the process over quite some time. Made me feel better about the age of some of my fabrics! Ha!

  3. Oooh, that's going to be a perfect way to use up those prints. I'm looking forward to seeing it soon!

  4. You scored big on this one. Love it already. I would put the aqua/seafoam coloured one in the middle. but that's just me. enjoy the new project. ;^)

  5. Ok. You convinced me to buy the pattern!

  6. OOOh I like this one too...especially for a male...
    Looking forward to seeing it grow...xox

  7. Your decade-old fabric will add the pop for this quilt! Fun times ahead :)

  8. Dig far enough into the stash and there's no telling what you'll come up with, Cynthia. Congrats on uncovering the perfect fabric to go with that collection!

  9. I have some of that pink fabric! It looks fabulous with it's buddies. And you found the perfect companions. Looking forward to your finish!


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