Sunday, May 23, 2021

Oh Scrap! : Baskets

 I have been dealing with baskets this week!

I made ten more scrappy basket blocks from my Kaffe Fassett scraps.  I think that brings the total finished up to fourteen.  So that means I am almost halfway finished.

To make my HSTs, I love using my Bloc-Loc ruler.  But I know many scrap quilters are a fan of the Easy Angle ruler.  I am curious what method do you like using?

The other basket I had to deal with was this giant one filled with radishes from my garden.  I had well over five pounds!  I love planting radishes because they are almost instant gratification but EVERY YEAR I question why I have to plant so many.

This year I tried something new.  I harvested and pickled them.  Aren't they lovely!  These jars are headed off to some adventurous friends.  I have no idea how they taste but they are willing to give them a try and help me eat them.

Now I am off to plant a few more seeds for future fresh ones :)
I promise to only plant a few....


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  1. Your baskets are lovely! Be sure and let us know how the pickled radishes taste. Happy stitching!

  2. Look at those radishes - wowie! Love the basket blocks and can't wait to see what you're doing with them. Have a great Sunday, Cyndy!

  3. huge radishes. I'm thinking I had pickled radish of some sort at a Japanese restaurant once - I don't remember how they tasted. I have several blockloc rulers and never remember I have them

  4. this is my first year to plant them - I am the only one who likes them - I want to try baskets at some point - yours are lovely

  5. Congrats on the gorgeous jars of pickled radishes! Hope they turn out great. I'm an Easy Angle and Companion Angle ruler user. I love them because you can cut the triangles from the same size strips as the squares or rectangles they go with. Plus I HATE drawing lines on fabric.

  6. Bloc-Loc all the way! I don't think I'd make nearly as many HSTs if I didn't have that ruler! Your radishes look tasty! There's something about instant gratification once in a while!

  7. You harvested a basket of radishes, Cynthia!
    The basket blocks are beautiful. I didn't know the Bloc-loc ruler, will make a Google search. I make HTS with Nifty Notions ruler, I am not sure but I think they are similar to Easy Angle ruler.

  8. Love your basket blocks. Lately I have used bloc-loc ruler, love them. Do tell us how the pickled radishes taste, they look yummy.

  9. I make my HSTs using the "sew down both sides of the center" square method. I use my regular square ruler for trimming, as I always forget that I got a Bloc-Loc ruler in the goody bag from Quilt Camp a few years ago. Darling Basket blocks to add to your collection, Cynthia! So kind of those lovely radishes to be ready for harvest during RED month for the RSC. :o))

  10. Those are some of the prettiest baskets I have seen. You must not have that size of studio die? I do like my bloc-loc ruler for trimming also as I don't have many dies to use or I would prefer them.

  11. Pickled radishes! Nope. Never had that before but would have to try that someday. Ruler. Just a plain ruler with a 45 degree line and nothing else. I'm also the pencil-line-across-the-square kind of girl, like Joyful. I haven't bought any new gadgets for quilting since I started to quilt almost 20 years ago now. Oh! Except for a new cutting mat and some blades. Maybe it's time I spoil myself a little. ;^)

  12. Love the basket blocks AND the basket of radishes! Both are so pretty!
    I use the easy angle ruler for cutting my triangles and have always been happy with it. (I've got a small bloc-loc for flying geese but haven't invested in any other kinds. Why are teeny pieces of plastic so expensive?) I also do the line-across-the-square trick and use either the folded corners ruler or my small square ruler for trimming them up.

  13. I like the Bloc-Loc Ruler. I have a medium sized one (6.5", I think) and the largest one.

  14. I use bloc loc more than the essential triangle ruler - I always feel I have to square up anyway. Love, love your little baskets. How big are they?
    Good luck with the radishes. I just bought 2 zucchini plants - see if I can beat the rabbits to the harvest.

  15. Hi,
    Your Basket blocks are beautiful. I've never heard of pickled radishes, what a great idea! Have a great day!

  16. And I was just thinking, "I really should plant radishes this year!" What else do you plant that you love. I'm just restarting a garden for the first time in years. IT was my mother's day gift. By the way, I love your kaffe baskets. That quilt will be so lovely when done.

  17. I use both rulers about the same amount. The Bloc Loc seems more accurate but the Easy Angle works fine if I'm careful. A lot of my HSTs are left over "bonus triangles" so the Bloc Loc is a must :)

  18. Is there apattern from the baskets? I did not find any on your blog.
    Greeting Guilitta

  19. One of the farm markets I visit sells Horseradish radishes that I absolutely love. I’d love it if you shared your pickled radish recipe

  20. Beautiful baskets, but time consuming. Good luck with the rest.


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