Thursday, August 28, 2014

On the Wild Side

About a year ago, when a friend brought me her granddaughter's quilt to quilt on my longarm, she also gave me a bag of leftover scraps and fabrics from the quilt.  She knows I do a lot of donation quilts and thought I could make something out of it.  At the time I had too many things going on so the project went into a drawer with the intent to work on it "soon".

 Well, "soon" finally came this week and after a bit of digging, I located the bag.  Along with quite a few yards of fabric, there were big stacks of already sewn HSTs.  (Hurray!) The bigger ones were all trimmed up but the tiny ones needed some trimming if I was going to use them.

I decided to throw the bigger blocks up on my design wall to see what I had.  How's that for perfect - there were exactly enough for this layout.  It wasn't quite as big as I was wanting so I decided to trim down the smaller HST's to 1.5".

I used them all and created this fun sawtooth inner border treatment.

 Some of the yardage was then used for an outer border.  Because this quilt came together so quickly, I kept the momentum going and loaded it up on my machine and quickly finished it.

 There was even enough of the gifted yardage for the backing.

 I quilted in a wavy quilt pattern that I thought looked a bit like tiger stripes.  I used a black thread and was really pleased with how the whole project turned out.  I still have quite a bit of fabric left over so there will be another quilt in my future.

100 Quilts for Kids

Thanks to the huge generosity of my friend, I have another quilt ready to be sent off to  Bags of Love as part of the 100 Quilts for Kids event hosted by Quilts in the Queue.

Finish Along 2014

And I am pleased with myself that I made working on this quilt part of my 3rd quarter Finish Along goals (hosted by The Littlest Thistle). It sure feels good to get it finished up!


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  1. You are very talented to just "throw" this together with someone's scraps. Some animal lover is going to love this quilt. I like what you did with the small HST too. oh, and I love the quilting -- I agree with you that it looks like animal stripes.

  2. Awesome quilt! I really love the sawtooth detail in that inner border.

  3. The sawtooth detail in the borders make the whole quilt sing! What a fantastic finish.

  4. Gorgeous. I love the addition of the little hst's in the borders

  5. I am so glad I saw this. I am actually going to the LQS (big sale today) to buy animal print fabric to make a quilt for my oldest. I think I may do HST instead of simple patchwork. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Nice job. The borders make this. The saw tooth detail is perfect and alongside the tiger border and the black it's very striking. The front of this quilt shouts Predator to me and the back is Prey. Fun.

  7. great job, I love how you worked the small HST into the border, and I really love the back. :)

  8. How wonderful to turn scraps into such a great quilt! The tiny sawtooth border really makes it special.

  9. Oh my gosh, Cynthia....this quilt is super! I have a lot of little bits of animal prints that I just might make a similar quilt. And love the way you pieced the back; you are such a source of inspiration! Thanks.

  10. Wow. That is just fabulous and the wavy lines is just perfect.

  11. I love this design, it looks amazing!

  12. Awesome quilt! And I love that it's made with scraps - purrrrrfect!

  13. I love how you can take donated blocks and fabric and turn them into such a wonderful quilt!

  14. That is awesome!! I love seeing how you use your scraps and donated blocks!

  15. Love it! I especially love the way you did the back. . The quilting is perfect for this layout.. well done!


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