Friday, August 8, 2014

Spook-tacular Finishes

Out of all the holiday themed quilts I have the pleasure of quilting for my customers, my favorites by far are the Halloween quilts.  And with the holiday just around the corner, I am starting to see quite a few of them.

I just finished one that I had to share because the fabrics were so fun..  The fabrics consist of skulls and zombies!

And lucky me, there was a whole bunch of negative space for me to quilt.

I had to start out with a web in the corner with a spider hanging by a thread waiting for dinner...

Maybe it will be one of these bats.

I quilted this quilt in rows so you can see the bats here again on the other side.

Bats are super easy and I did these freehand.  You can easily just add them to loops and have a fun allover quilting design.

My customer made this quilt for her son. (Okay, adult son.) So I didn't want to get too Halloween-y and try and make my designs a bit more Zombie-ish.

I had an empty area in the design so I put in a Z for Zombie.

Or it can be an N for Noah
(so no one steals his quilt!)

My zombie knowledge is pretty limited but looking at the fabrics for inspiration, they all seem to be sporting band-aids.  So I thought, why not add some of those right in the quilting. 

This is what happens when my customers give me free reign!

And because I can't quilt brains, down toward the bottom of the quilt, I quilted in a little halloween candy.  Which I prefer to brains.

Here is a snapshot of the entire quilt.  You really have to snuggle up close to it to see all the detail in the fabrics and the quilting.

This quilt is one of three Halloween quilts from this customer.  When she dropped them off for me to quilt, she also brought me a bag of her leftover scraps.  (Sqeee!)  And as many of them were already cut into strings, I knew right away what I would make with them.

 So Friday night I sewed away into the wee hours and finished up the top.  (Yes, I am quite the party girl!)  I randomly sewed the string onto a fabric foundation.  This allowed me to easily sew the fabrics at different angles.

 And Saturday night I spent quilting up the top.

I thought it would be perfect to share as we are making a string quilt this month as part of Scrap-A-Palooza!  See why I love them so much!!

 The backing is quite the surprise.  Safety orange, lime green and yellow!
Perfect for Halloween.

The backing fabric I had wasn't quite big enough so I used up the rest of the scraps and sewed in this  scrappy inset.  

It was great fun making this quilt - now I need to get back to my neglected projects!

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  1. Super fun quilting on your customer's quilt, and how awesome is the quilt you made from the scraps?!?! Awesome!

  2. I love your scrap quilt. So simple but so effective. Those Halloween quilting designs are such fun.

  3. Ok, your quilting is too fun! Love it!

  4. Those Halloween quilts are awesome! Your quilting turned out so good. Do you plan out your quilting designs before you start working on a quilt?
    — Christy

    1. Thanks! Sometimes I have an idea of what I want to quilt on a quilt. A day or tow before I put a quilt on my frame, I will look at the quilt top and sketch some ideas on paper or directly on the quilt with white school chalk. But alot of the time, like with this quilt, I just make it up as I go.

  5. There is so much about this quilt I love that I don't know where to start! And I was just saying somewhere else (another finished post) that I saw some great Halloween fabrics for 30%. I originally passed them up but I must go back. You've inspired me!

  6. awesome quilting, love the spider web and spider!!!

  7. Your quilting is perfect for the quilt. Love what you did with the scraps.

  8. Love the fun designs in the quilting! You're so creative!

  9. Your quilting is just amazing. Very Inspiring.

  10. Your quilting is awesome! And I love your quilt. Great backing fabric!

  11. Great quilts and quilting! Love them :)

  12. I love how you used up the scraps, it's amazing!

  13. These are just too cute! I love your quilting on the first one, and the crazy strings on the second. I need to finish my Halloween quilt, but it is more cutesy due to the ages of my boys.

  14. I like the stripes quilt. Very nice.

  15. Awesome quilting! I love the spider web and those bats!

  16. Love the bats and spiderweb! Such cute quilting! I also loved what you were able to do with the strings.

  17. I love those bats in the quilting! Super work all round!

  18. I love those bats in the quilting too! Fun things going on here and it was fun reading about it.

  19. That is awesome quilting!! And your scrap quilt is fantastic - all except the binding - please tell me a goblin did that for you?? Right???? Cuz I am officially jealous that you finished the WHOLE thing lol - It is really beautiful!!!

  20. Great scrappy quilt and I love the backing. THe quilting on the zombie quilt is divine. I love the bats xx

  21. Love the halloween candy design!

    Thank you for linking up with Free Motion Mavericks,

    Love, Muv

  22. That is just adorable. If it had come to my house to quilt, it wouldn't have left.

  23. How fun! I love coin quilts for using of scraps =)

  24. This seriously makes me want to start playing more with my quilting!! Thanks for resharing under our Halloween Tuesday Archives theme!


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