Friday, July 12, 2019

Finally...Some CIL Finishes

Every time Kat over at Kat & Cat Quilts puts out a call for Covered in Love blocks, I always have the intention of making some.  Sadly, I rarely follow through with those intentions…

But this month I made it a priority and finished up some red, white and blue 12" maverick star blocks to send her way.  It is just a design I made up so I could use fabrics from my scrap bins.

I have a few bits of red, white and blue patriotic scraps and decided to start with those in the center of the blocks.  Then it was just a matter of finding a piece large enough to cut all the necessary pieces.

For the last one, I decided to get even more scrappy.

So I have three blocks to send off to Kat soon.  Now I won't have to feel so bad when I see the maps where the blocks come from and see Oregon not represented  :)

If you want to read more about the Covered in Love quilt block drives, you can read more about it here.  There is still lots of time to contribute some stars of your own!

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  1. Those are great stars! I finished up some for CiL this week, too. Time to get them in the mail!

  2. those are nice stars I like that pattern

  3. Love your star block design. I don't often make star blocks and have never made a true red, white and blue quilt. Someday.

  4. So cool, I'm working on some CiL blocks too! I just discovered her charity this year so havebeen trying to make good on contributing to the block drives. Your blocks look great, maybe ours will share a quilt!

  5. I hope to get some star blocks done and sent soon. I've sent blocks before, but it's been too hot in my house to do much sewing (no air conditioning) so I'm behind on a number of things.

  6. She’ll be delighted! They are marvelous!

  7. Very pretty blocks! Oregon, represent! :-)

  8. I resemble those remarks and need to get busy on a few blocks of my own to mail off to CiL. Thanks for the reminder!!


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