Wednesday, July 17, 2019

No Scrap Left Behind - A Book Review

I was recently contacted by CT Publishing with the offer of a free electronic copy of Amanda Jean Nyberg's No Scrap Left Behind book in return for a review of the book.  They noted my blog was all about scraps - imagine that!

I quickly took them up on their offer as this book has been on my wishlist since it was released.

I was really pleased with how the book is organized.  It walks you through all the steps of using your scraps to create beautiful quilts - from scrap management to color selections.

I also like that the quilt designs are organized by scrap shape - squares, triangles, strings and snippets.  Once you identify what type of scraps you have, you can take a look at the best quilt designs to the most out of your scraps.

Once I read through the book, I decided to start the Donuts quilt.  This design is in the string section and I have wanted to make this quilt for a really long time.  I am going to make my quilt a bit smaller - going with only 13 circles which will make a 66" square quilt.  While my pinks scraps were out, I put together enough of the components to make two of the "donuts".

Each "donut" is 16" square.  I haven't decided on a background fabric yet.  I will do that after I have the 13 blocks completed.  I am not sure if this will become an RSC project or if I will just sew up blocks as I come across scraps.  It shouldn't take much time to complete at all!

I am sure this will not be the only quilt I make using this book.  It is filled with so many great ideas for using your scraps.  

If you are interested in picking up this book, it is currently on sale here!

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  1. they gave you one a better fit than they gave me LOL - wish I had been given that one :)

  2. Lucky you. Thanks for the review. It looks like a great book.

  3. i got this from our local library and it is a very good book for using scraps...i've got one on my design wall already!

  4. I have that book. It is one of my favorites that I refer to often as well as Sunday Morning Quilts. Lots of inspiration. I am looking forward to seeing your interpretation of the pattern.

  5. I purchased the book several years ago on Connecting Threads. It's given me some good ideas and I've started a couple of the quilts too that are in very slow progress. I'll enjoy watching your progress. Happy Stitching!

  6. This book has always been on my wish list!

  7. I checked that one out of the library, and enjoyed reading it, too. So many fun ideas! I'll enjoy seeing what you do with those donuts.

  8. I absolutely love this book! I've only made the Donuts quilt so far but I have quite a few others I want to do!

  9. I love this one too! Her "Sunday Morning Quilts" is also a favorite! Can't go wrong with these books!

  10. I have both of her books and they are wonderful. I started the Ring Me quilt a long while ago but haven't finished it. So many projects, so little time!!

  11. I had this book from the library and I thought it was excellent. Anyway, good for you to get picked for the review!
    And I love the new block for the RSC quilt. Very pretty.


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