Sunday, July 21, 2019

Oh Scrap! : It Has Been A While

One of the downfalls of working on a Rainbow Scrap Challenge quilt across two years, is there are months where you have already made your blocks in the chosen color.  And sometimes your quilts go untouched for months.

This is what happened to my RSC garden quilt project.  I don't think I have made any blocks since March.  But I did need some pink blocks so I made a juicy plum and a pretty flower (downsizing a block from my Summertime Blossom pattern).

I put them up on my design wall with all of the blocks I have completed to date.  It was then I noticed that the flower block probably wasn't going to work well in this quilt.  It is a cute block but it does  not have a white background.
This can be happen when lots of time passes between blocks!

 So I grabbed four 4.5" squares I already had cut in my stash and made another 8"  flower block.
This one is going to work oh so much better!

 This project will be coming to close soon.  I think the only block colors I need are purple, gray and brown.  I may just decide it finish it up soon.  
I am really looking forward to putting this one all together!


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The Joyful Quilter said...

You garden quilt is coming along nicely. SEW sorry about that first flower block! The replacement block looks like it will work in nicely.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love seeing all the blocks you've made for your garden quilt! It's too bad about that flower block because I thought it was a great idea. It reminds me of one of those kids' spinner toys that spins in the wind - I have several spinners in my gardens similar to that. Happy Sunday, Cyndy!

Anja @ Anja Quilts said...

Your blocks are coming along nicely. Both flower blocks are awesome.

Jayne said...

There is a down side when there is too much time in between projects! But what a treat to see these blocks again. I've wondered when it would make an appearance again...thank you for sharing! It's a very unique an beautiful quilt!

Marly said...

It's becoming a lovely garden! A pity about the flower block; perhaps you'll make a flower quilt!

Marly said...

For some reason I can't open any of the links above. I notice that your URL is still - http - perhaps that's why my server is blocking them.

Susie H said...

This is going to be a beautiful quilt! Loving the variety of blocks.

Cathy said...

Ah, Mistress Cynthia, I like how your garden grows! At first glance I thought the plum was a beet but on further inspection I see the plum leaf is not long enough for beet greens ;-) Can't wait to see the rest of your garden!

Karen's Korner said...

Your "garden" is growing beautifully.

Michelle @ From Bolt to Beauty said...

I can get into all sorts of issues when I put any project down for too long. : / I look forward to seeing how this quilt comes together for you!

Denise said...

I love the Summertime Blossom, so pretty

Mystic Quilter said...

How big are you going with your quilt? It's looking so good, especially the plum and strawberry !

simplyaok said...

This is lovely! Is there any pattern for this wonderful garden quilt? I have a master gardener friend that would adore this! Thanks

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