Friday, October 1, 2021

Sure I will Finish That!

 About once a year, one of my longarm clients will bring me a quilt top they made that they just don't want to finish.  They know I donate lots of quilts every year and figure I will finish it and give it a new home.  Recently I received a very cute little quilt top...

I finished up sewing the binding last night just in time to share it with you.

It features some adorable owl and the pussycat fabric.

And some fun paper boat fabric.

I love the happy little moons out in the outer borders and orange highlights throughout the quilt top.  I decided to make the binding orange too.

I had a piece for the backing by the same designer.  It wasn't quite large enough so I added a strip of gold down the back.

I think it turned out super adorable!  It measures 49" square.  I always offer these back to my clients first if they want to pay for my materials and the quilting costs.  
Just in case they have a change of heart.  

I don't think I will have any problems finding this one a good home!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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  1. I don't think you are going to have a problem finding it a home, either. The orange binding finishes it perfectly!

  2. SEW cute, Cynthia! Good idea offering the quilt back to the maker. How often do they take you up on that?

  3. That is ADORABLE! I love the fabrics used and you did a great job finishing it up. 49" square is a great size as well for a small child/baby quilt.

  4. Great table topper or lap quilt!


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