Friday, November 12, 2021

Another Bloom Finish

 Boy, do I love today's quilt!

Remember this basket quilt I shared a couple weeks ago?  It was made using the 4th Scrap Mixology pattern module called Bloom.

Today I am sharing this lovely quilt made using one of the other layout options shown in the pattern

 I really do love how this one turned out!

The scraps I used are very muted.  The colors were pulled from the dotted dark fabric.

I don't know why I love this quilt so much.  It is actually going to reside in my personal quilt collection.  This quilt isn't going anywhere!

The quilt measures 64" square.

The great thing about all of the Scrap Mixology patterns are that they share so many ways to change the look of a singular block just by changing the block placement, moving around the color arrangement, or by swapping out components to slightly change the appearance of the block.

It is hard to believe this is the same block as the basket quilt above!

Like so many of my Scrap Mixology patterns, this Bloom block would make a great Rainbow Scrap Challenge block.  I could definitely see each of these group of blocks done in a different color of the rainbow.

...and one more photo because it s so pretty!

You can find the 13 page pattern for sale in both my Etsy shop and in my Payhip store.

I have one more finished quilt I will be sharing in a couple of weeks.  There are also a few more layouts I share in the pattern that I am itching to make.  Especially one that has a real Navaho blanket look to it.  Done in Fall colored scraps it would be amazing!

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend!

BTW - I will be teaching the Well Suited Scrap Mixology quilt in Springfield Oregon to the Emerald Valley Quilt Guild.  I think you can still sign up to join in on the fun - just contact them directly!!


  1. What a clever placement of the baskets- I haven't seen this before!

  2. Both quilts are lovely but those baskets really catch my eye! Happy stitching!

  3. That quilt is definitely a keeper! What a neat design! I like the way you used the same print for the baskets and drew the colors for the top sections (flowers? handles?) from there. Beautiful finish!

  4. Oh wow, I had to really study it to see the basket! So clever!!

  5. I love how your basket is constructed. Instead of adding the "legs", the HST has the legs part all done. This new layout is fabulous. I can see it as a RSC contender too. Ooohh! You are such an enabler, lol. ;^)

  6. Both quilts are gorgeous but I absolutely LOVE Bloom.

  7. Oh wow, it's a totally different quilt when the blocks are grouped together like that. I love that this one gets to stay with you!

  8. I can see why you will keep the quilt for your collection! Fun to see what a group of baskets can turn into. Clever!

  9. OhMyGosh! I couldn't even tell that was the same block! You are so clever!

  10. Wow, that is amazing! The original quilt is very nice, but I can't get over how different it looks when you rotate the blocks like that--brilliant! Definitely a keeper!

  11. Wow - those are two totally different quilts... yet.... TOO cool!!!


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