Sunday, November 27, 2022

Oh Scrap! : Something to keep me Busy

 A few weeks back, I mentioned that I have been organizing a little something behind the scenes and that I would be sharing it soon.  I keep running into a few obstacles, but I think I am going to go ahead and let you know what I am up to.

Since the start of the pandemic, I have been evaluating what is important to me and what I want to focus on in the future.  I am working less on my "day job" so how do I want to fill my spare time.  That is why I decided to finally get a dog and I contacted my local hospital to set up a quilt donation program.  Their Volunteer Coordinator will be my contact - the Sacred Heart Medical Center will be the recipient.  I think she has another group that makes some small quilts but I hope to donate some larger quilts - lots of them.

So my plans are to announce on my blog (and future newsletter), a simple block with instructions on how to make it.  Then (like I do with all my Scrap Mixology patterns) I will share lots of ways that simple block can be used and share the quilts I make. 


The first blocks I am going to make you may have already seen.  I have a bunch of skinny strings, so this is a perfect block to use some of those scraps. It is a simple rail fence block made with five strips.  Each strip is 1.5" x 5.5"(I actually cut my strips 1.5" x 6" so I can square up the block nicely).  Once the strips are sewn together. you have an unfinished block that measures 5.5" square. So simple!

I have already finished just over 80 blocks.  It sounds like a lot but with the small size, it will only make one of the designs I have planned.

So here is where you can help.  If you find yourself with an abundance of brown (light and dark chocolate), blue (both navy and denim) and any shade of tan, you are welcome to make some blocks and send them to me. Above are a bunch of blocks I made - just pull scraps to go with the colorway above. (This program will be similar to Covered in Love - I have already contacted Kat and maybe we will share doing blocks so we don't both get overwhelmed!)

If you would like to donate, just email me at cynthiabdesigns (@) gmail dot com and I will send you my address.  I would sure appreciate the help and it helps me share more of the layout designs with these blocks.

If you are curious, these quilts will be supporting multiple programs at Sacred Heart.  They will be used in the palliative care program - both in-house and at-home.  There is also a family housing program (similar to a Ronald McDonald house) where comfort quilts will be given to the children.  If there is enough stock, clergy and social workers can also request a quilt for someone who could benefit from one.  My goal is to be sure there will always be enough stock!

I mentioned a future newsletter - I am still working the bugs out of that....but if you want to get on the mailing list and receive the first issue, you can sign up below.  Sorry it is not very preprofessional - this is one of the bugs I am working on.  Always having to learn something new!

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LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

Sounds like a great program to get involved in! I'll dig around and see what I can find in those colors. Making blocks is a nice way for people who live some distance away to contribute to quilts for charity! Enjoy your Sunday!

Ada Plouvier-Kopitopoulou said...

Very nice idea. I make quilts for charity with a group of women, here in Greece.

Cathy said...

Sounds like a wonderful plan! Every hospital/care center should have a program like that.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Thanks for offering us the option to help with this project! I just put the brown scrap basket away, but it's easy enough to take it off the shelf and make a few blocks. I know there are some blue strips, too (because that's what I took out after putting the browns away!) Off to sew up a few blocks for your new charity program, Cynthia...

Michelle said...

This sounds like a wonderful program, Cynthia! I will help. I’m sure I have a few brown and blue strips lying about. I understand about the pandemic making you reevaluate. I’ve been doing the same.

Sylvia@Treadlestitches said...

What a nice idea, and a good way to move into the new year.

MissPat said...

Do you have an end date for when you want the blocks? I like projects like this because I can contribute without making a full-size quilt. I quilt on a mechanical Bernina, so quilting large quilts can be a chore.

Anonymous said...

I am very interested in this series. I won't send in my blocks to you, but rather use those to donate in my area (I live in a suburb outside of Sacramento). Since I teach sewing/quilting to a senior group nearby (and I'm a senior myself) its also an easy way to help my group contribute to causes that are near and dear to their hearts (or make simple quilts for those who are very ill in our group). I'm looking forward to this series as I also have nearly 50 years of stash fabric and precut scraps that I can use for those purposes myself. What a great idea -- thank you! Deb E

Angie in SoCal said...

They will be treasured. A wonderful idea.

Pam said...

Omg! This is perfect! I have a ton of these fabrics and now they will have a home. Such a quick block to make and so beautiful in a quilt top.

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

I love the rail fence pattern and the colors and fabrics you are working with are just gorgeous. Have a great week.

Jannette said...

What a great way to share your talents (and fabrics!) with a cause that always needs quilts! I'd love to help when I can - just need to get some of my own quilty projects in the mail soon - and then I check my strips!

Barb N said...

That's AWESOME, Cyndy! Your creative energy will go toward lifting up so many people. You rock! said...

Cynthia, I made a bunch of blocks but don't really know how to trim them. I went with the 6" strips as you said. Do you have any guidance on how to get them to be the final 5.5" blocks with even stripes? thanks.

Susan said...

Do you have a deadline for these blocks, like Kat does? I don't have much sewing time because energy runs out, but maybe I can find enough fabric to make a few, if the deadline isn't right away.

tbear said...

You do such gorgeous work Cynthia

Bernie Kringel said...

This is a great idea! You have been so supportive of Mercyful Quilts. I am sure I can make some blocks in the right colors - after the first of the year ok with you?

Also, if I trim blocks down afterward, won't the outer strips be narrower than the interior strips? Or does that not really matter?

Merry Christmas Cynthia.

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