Sunday, November 13, 2022

Oh Scrap! : Two New Starts

 I keep finding tempting scraps in my sewing room and before you know it, I started another quilt.

My brown and blue scrap bins were overflowing with skinny strings so I decided to make these cute little rail fence blocks.  Sorry the color in the photo is so bad....what can I say, I do most of my sewing at night.  I will be sharing more about this project soon.  It is pretty exciting news and I can't wait to share it.

I already have about 35 blocks completed.  
They measure 5.5" square and are made from 1.5" wide strips.

I also started this fun project.  I was gifted a bunch of strip-pieced leftovers so I chopped them up and was able to get this far on this small lap quilt.  It currently measures about 32 x 36.  I have a few larger cuts from the same fabric line so I am hoping to make this quilt closer to 48 x 55.

I should not be allowed to clean my sewing room - I am tempted by the things I find and end up starting new projects.  Please tell me I am not the only quilter this happens to!


It is now your turn to share what you are making with scraps.  Here are the details for linking up: 

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Kate said...

It does make more sense to use what you find rather than put it somewhere else to store. So though it means more projects, you are actually being the most efficient by not just moving things around.

Cathy said...

I can't wait to see what you do with those Rail Fence blocks. I have a lot of them in different colors just that size made with 1.5 inch scraps and I have not assembled them into a top yet.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

You're absolutely mot the only person that happens to! It just means you're using up more fabric when you start new things based on what you find in your sewing room. 😘 The blues and browns are pretty together! Love the Christmas-y colored quilt, too. Have a great day, Cyndy!

Chantal said...

This has never happened to me because I never clean my sewing room, hahaha. I'm such a kidder! When such things happen it's because you are still in love with your scraps and they still inspire you. So enjoy the vibes and follow it till the end. ;^)

Lynda said...

I am with you, I dove into my batik storage system and brought everything out to resort and tidy up - wound up with three new quilt projects and a stack that is destined for the scrap stacks. The fabric cells multiply faster than I can sew.

Quiltdivajulie said...

Oh my goodness I love those rail fence blocks! Your previous versions in these mixed darker neutrals have inspired me to prep at least two comfort quilts using 2.5” strips (still in progress) but the idea of these 1.5” strings really appeals to me! Looking forward to the “more news soon”

Libby in TN said...

I agree, cleaning only leads to bigger messes. But sometimes our finest work comes out of that mess.

The Joyful Quilter said...

Darling Christmas quilt in the making, Cynthia, but I have to say that I'm SHOCKED to hear you excited about working with BROWN scraps!!! :P

Melisa- pinkernpunkinquilting said...

Your quilt top is looking amazing. Love the fabrics in this piece.

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

the rail fences look great.... can't wait to see what you are doing with them!!!

Jocelyn is Canadian Needle Nana said...

These are wonderful and such a great pattern to use for scraps too. Meanwhile, yes, hunting about in the sewing room does sometimes throw up surprises. Just this week I found a redworked Santa that I'd totally forgotten about. Who knows what else is there!!

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