Monday, February 20, 2023

Quilters' Generosity

 I have been blown away at the response to my first Compassion Quilt block drive.  As soon as I organize the data, I will share with you all the stats on the Rail Fence drive.  It is truly amazing how many blocks I received!

Speaking of Rail Fence quilts, I wanted to share the beautiful kits that Gail sent. She planned on making a lot of blocks, so she offered to sew them up into tops.  She even supplied backings and prepared the bindings.  Everything is perfectly pressed and packaged into kits. These are a longarm quilter's dream!

But the generosity doesn't stop there. Becky sent me ten quilt tops to finish up and donate.  TEN!  They are all so lovely - when I get a chance, I need to start digging through my stash to match backings for them.  I will probably be sprinkling these in over the next few months.

And finally, Nann had asked me if I needed any more blocks or fabric for the Rail Fence drive.  I let her know I am winding it down and feel it is all under control.  But I did let her know what my next drive was going to be and she sent me a huge package full of fabric to use.  I had shared with her that I did not have any patriotic red/white/blue fabrics and boy, did she help me out!

Now you know what the color theme will be for the next block drive.  I am aiming to release the instructions for the block on the last day of February.  Nann also included a big pile of blocks so I will be sharing some of her beautiful handywork then too.

I really do appreciate all these gifts.  I wanted to send out a thank you now before things get crazy again and I lose who donated what.  It gets a bit overwhelming when lots of packages start coming daily and you don't have a lot of places to put them all!

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Susan said...

That's fabulous! Generosity is not dying among quilters, that's for sure! As it happens, I have boxes of red/white/blue/gold fabrics for making American Hero Quilts, so you can expect blocks from me, again. I add the gold for the hearts of our soldiers and to highlight Gold Star moms and Next of Kin. American Hero Quilts also go to family members of deceased soldiers, when we can make them, for the groups who receive our main hero quilts. Thank you for your compassion that is doing something for someone who needs something done. =)

Nann said...

So happy your can use the fabric and the blocks! It's a small 'payment' to thank you for all the inspiration you provide to us.

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

Wow, it is obvious how much care Gail sent into creating her kits of quilt tops, backings, and bindings. And the generosity of Becky and Nann is fantastic. I look forward to the final tally of the rail fence blocks / quilts! said...

This is such a wonderful post, with generosity all over the place. I do love the red white and blue colors for any and all blocks. I have begun sewing lots of the RW&B blocks for you. Quilters are the best and you are an angel for beginning this compassion charity quilt drive. I'm in for all that you need11

Alycia~Quiltygirl said...

Go you!!!! Now you just need more hours in the day haha!
Hey!! I can participate in the next one, I might have a Patriotic fabric or two haha!!

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