Tuesday, November 14, 2023

A Compassion Quilt Parade!

 Thanks to the help of lots of different hands, I have lots of lovely quilts to share today.

First up is this really pretty lap quilt Becky made.  She sent me ten quilt tops a long time ago and this is the last one to get completed.  I am guessing this is a layercake pattern.

This quilt measures 54" x 70"

Kathy sent me some "winter" themed backings (also) months ago and this fun sled fabric worked wonderfully on this quilt.  It will be the perfect season now for this one to get handed out and bring comfort and warmth to someone.

McGill sent in this fun top.  It measures 48" x 58" so it was the ideal size for me to send it off to Cindy to quilt.  Her quilt system works best with these smaller sizes.  She did a great job on it - her meander leaves look amazing on the quilt.

I pulled a couple fabrics out of my stash for the back of the quilt.  I really wanted to use this diagonal stripe on both the binding and the back.  I didn't have quite enough so I found a pink and brown print that worked to make the backing wide enough.

Karen sent in a kit for this string quilt.  All I had to do was quilt it up.  I really like the black sashing and black borders - they really set off the blocks.

This black print with red cherries looks great on this quilt.  There was just enough of the trimming from the backing to make the binding.

This quilt measures 42" x 55".

How great is this pinwheel quilt top that Sue sent in!?  I love the design.  It has such a fun optical illusion to it.

I didn't find any backing fabrics I liked in my stash for this quilt so I went over to a friend's house and stole this fun floral.  I appreciate that she lets me shop in her stash.  This quilt measures 44 x 54"

And finally, McGill also sent in this batik quilt top.  I am assuming it was made from a jelly roll.  This quilt measures 52 x 52" so it was another project I sent to Cindy to quilt for me. 

I didn't have any batik fabric for the backing so I used this pastel colored lantern print I have used before.  The last bit of yardage was the perfect size.  Thanks Kat for the giant piece you sent me.  All that is left are small strips that will be made into binding.

I did find a small piece of batik fabric in the Compassion Quilt stash I was able to use on the binding.

I really do appreciate these quilt tops that are donated.  It might take me a bit of time to get to them but I try and get as many as I can on my longarm in between block drives.  Plus, as I find more elves to help out with the quilting, they can work on these tops as I focus on the block drive quilts.

It just all takes time to organize...

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Helenchaffin said...

Lots of awesome finishes!

Kate said...

All of them are really fun quilts. Hard to pick a favorite. You've definitely got a good system to move this many quilts along and do block drives!

Libby in TN said...

Do you have a preferred size for your compassion quilts? The quilts I make are usually too small for our Devo group.

Gretchen Weaver said...

These are all wonderful compassion quilts!

Bernie Kringel said...

These are all beautiful. I can't believe how many you have made and/or finished - You are right saying it all takes time to organize. The world needs more people like you!!

Chantal said...

Wonderful parade! I love the two last ones. The batik quilt with the white pearl necklace or whatever the print is called, looks like it is raining and the droplets make circles. (yeah, I know, I have way too much imagination.) Great job everyone. ;^)

Yvonne from Quilting Jetgirl said...

They all look fantastic, and I am so glad that you are finding such helpful elves to work with you.

Cathy said...

A delightful parade!

TerryKnott.blogspot.com said...

What a great group of finishes! The backs are perfect for each front! You and your elves are amazing! So much love will be distributed soon!

The Joyful Quilter said...

Congratulations on the work of your quilting elves, Cynthia! Many hand make light work. That gets more quilts where they can do the most good in a shorter span of time. Kudos to all who contributed!

Nann said...

Blessings to you for undertaking all these compassion quilts, Cynthia!

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